Wireless Mouse Not Working : How You Can Fix This Problem [Fixed]

In this guide, you will find various solutions for wireless mouse not working problem. These fixes will work for all operating systems like windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or Mac.

Is Your Wireless Mouse Not Working?

Wireless computer accessories are the best and have made our lives so much easier. The problem of managing the tangled and broken wires has been totally minimized with the introduction of these devices into the market!

They not only provide us a convenient connectivity but also increase the portability capabilities of the computer system which comes in very handy when conducting presentations or where we need manual updates of the data in very short intervals of time.

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The most commonly used wireless products are headsets, keyboards, and computer mouse. There is a receiver connected to the computer system, which is synchronized with the mouse and creates a wireless connection. The speed of the wired and wireless mouse stay the same and the extra investment to buy a wireless mouse has always turned out to be a wiser decision.

Like any other electronic device, wireless mice are also prone to many issues and there can be situations when you find your Wireless mouse not working. There can be hundreds of reasons for the same and finding the right issue and troubleshooting it in time is very important to ensure the durability of your wireless mouse.

Major such wireless optical mouse manufacturing companies includes HP, Logitech, Apple, Dell, Digiflip, Lenovo, Microsoft, etc. which are running on windows 7, 8, 8.1, xp or Mac os. Here are some of the common problems and their solutions in context of wireless computer mice:

Troubleshooting “Wireless Mouse Not Working” Error

Fix 1: Check for Power

The wired accessories get their power requirements from the wires itself.

But in case of wireless devices, they need an independent power source and generally, these devices use batteries to do the job.

Check for the required batteries and ensure that the batteries are charged and have all the required specifications mentioned to be used with your particular device.

Try replacing the batteries and check if the mouse finally turns on. If you still find your Wireless mouse is not working, consider the other options to solve the issue.

Wireless Mouse Not Working Batteries

Wireless Mouse Batteries

Fix 2: Re-Sync with the USB receiver

There can be multiple reasons for the  loss of connection between the USB receiver and the mouse.

If the USB receiver doesn’t receive signals, nothing is going to work and there would be nothing happening on the computer screen.

To re sync, use the software provided by the manufacturer or try restarting the device and it might synchronize automatically.

If you feel like both the receiver and mouse are synchronized and  you see your Wireless mouse not working, the problem lies somewhere else.

Wireless Mouse USB receiver

Wireless Mouse USB receiver

Fix 3: Test the device on another computer

Before starting to panic and start calling the manufacturer’s support, be sure that your computer system is not the end where the problem lies.

Check the device after connecting it on another computer. If the wireless mouse is not functioning properly on the other computer too, you can be sure that the issue lies with the mouse.

There is nothing to do with your own computer system. This can help you take better decisions.

Fix 4: Check for updated drivers

Computer drivers are the software programs that provide an interface between the external hardware and the computer micro operations.

Any peripheral device is useless without the drivers provided for it for the specific operating systems and platforms.

The manufacturers update the driver base regularly and you might also be running on an old driver version which eventually makes your Wireless mouse not working properly.

Visit the product website and download the latest drivers for your model. After that, try everything again.

Fix 5: Call the Customer Support

If you have tried everything mentioned above and feel helpless, the last thing to do would be to call the product manufacturer support and ask them about the issue.

They can provide real time support or help you in getting a replaced for your defected device, if it needs one.

Final Words For Wireless Mouse is Not Working

Please note that you’ll find above solutions helpful disregarding of company of mouse like Logitech, HP, Dell, Digiflip, Lenovo, Apple, Enter, Microsoft, Targus, Zebronics, Quantum, iBall or any other. These fixes will work for all optical wireless mouse companies.

If we’re still unable to fix your problem, please refer this guides for Windows and Mac.

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