WhatsApp Video Calling Feature – Compared With Other Video Calling Apps

WhatsApp has introduced the most popular feature of video calling which is available in Android, iPhone and Windows. WhatsApp Users can now easily make video calls across all Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices as per the statement made on their company’s blog.  Whatsapp Video calling feature is released in addition to the recently released feature in October 2016, that allowed users to draw on images, similar to functionalities found on Snapchat, Instagram and iMessage

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature – Download / Update

For using the Video feature in WhatsApp, one needs to either update the feature of the phone when there is an automatic update received on your phone or download by going into google play or into the App store on your phone.

The phones which receive automatic updates can easily get the option to update for video calling.

Using Whatsapp video is simple. Just next to the phone call symbol a video symbol can be seen. In the call Tab the video calling choice can be seen. For doing a video call you have to tap into that symbol. For receiving the video call, one needs to upgrade the video calling feature on the phone.

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

Once the WhatsApp call is connected with the other user, the front camera or back camera both options will be open. While calling, the small windows can be shifted to any position within the window. WhatsApp is very flexible about its quality issues. The quality of the call might increase when the system would recognize a good network quality.

How Is This Different From Other Video Apps

Other videos calling apps like Skype and Viber also have similar features, but WhatsApp due to its popularity have gained more attention. Whatsapp in its voice calling feature and in messaging app has end-to-end encryption, and this is applied to the video calling app also.

This end-to-end encryption system in WhatsApp has made it more popular and secured to use. Due to this technical feature no one can tap the video calling or even the texts in WhatsApp, not even the company itself.

Once Facebook was being blocked in Brazil because it denied to support investigation of criminal activity and thus Facebook installed a “Secret conversation” characteristics. But every time the user needs to start the option by himself. Facebook Messenger app does not have the feature of end-to-end encryption. Same happens with Israeli app Viber as though it claims end-to-end encryption, but in cases like legal enforcement, governmental agency’s intervention and in the presence of any third party this app may disclose the details.

Most importantly, the WhatsApp has the advantage of doing multitasking, and this can be done by minimizing the video option and using other options of the phone at that moment.

The other basic difference among WhatsApp with the other video calling apps like Skype is that whatsapp works in the environment of poor bandwidth, but other apps like Skype cannot work in the environment of poor bandwidth.

The development of WhatsApp video calling feature has provided the competition to the popular apps like Skype, Google’s duo, Viber, Facebook messenger and apple’s FaceTime, etc.

For the starters who will be using the WhatsApp video calling feature, the facility can gain the optimized network advantage. The main difference of WhatsApp Video feature with the other app is that WhatsApp can work in the situation where the network is not good. So in the countries where the infrastructure is not so strong WhatsApp can work easily as it adjusts the video quality in relation to the network.

Go ahead and enjoy using it and let us know you comments here. Check out for articles on WhatsApp Status here.

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