What’s The Song Called? Identify The Song Playing In Your Head

Has it ever happened to you that you’re just going on about your day and suddenly a bit of music or lyrics starts playing around in your head, running over and over in loops? Of course you have. Everyone has experienced this, most people experience this quite often.

However, what’s worse than having a song stuck in your head is getting an unidentifiable song stuck in your head. You know you’ve heard it somewhere before but just can’t recall what it is or where you heard it. Or maybe when you’re out in a bar and a music comes on that you really love but damned if you could remember what’s the song called! However, these days with apps for pretty much any and every thing under the sun, there are plenty of ways to solve your great dilemma ‘What’s the song called?’

Apps to Identify – What’s the Song Called?

Here is the list of tools and apps for identifying what’s the song called, that is stuck in your head without spending too much time. 


Shazam- What's the song called


This is the perfect, most popular, music identifying app. All you have to do is tap the Shazam icon and it would listen to the music for about ten seconds before identifying it, offering lyrics, tour dates, the ability to share it, or watch youtube videos related to it! And if you’re in a bar without any WiFi service, you still don’t have to worry.

You can tap it still, it would keep the Shazam until your cell phone the net connection and reveal all that information to you! Furthermore, it has a truly great range and the amazing ability to capture music even amidst quite the buzz of noise all around.


What's the Song Called?

This app can be seen as the sister app to Shazam. They even look the same, while one is orange the other is blue. This performs a lot of the same functions as Shazam, however the main objective of Musixmatch is not simply to identify the music, it’s to identify it’s precise lyrics and highlight the exact point in the lyrics where the music is currently and if you’re wondering whether it would be efficient in bars or cafes considering they are quite loud and full of a lot of other sounds as well, then rest assured they are meant for these settings and as such come with great range and the ability to filter out all the excess background noise and cacophony, and solely focus on the music.


midomi-What's the Song Called?

As great as Shazam and Musixmatch may be they still cannot extract the tune reverberating in your head refusing to leave. And unless you have the supernatural ability to perfectly hit the notes of the song in your head, singing the tune to these apps probably won’t do any good.

However, Midomi is a lot more flexible in that regard. You just have to grab a microphone, hum the tunes as best you can, but don’t worry about being perfect because the app will be able to catch it regardless.



No matter how great mobile technology may get, there are some nuances that only other humans can catch. When Midomi fails to pin point the exact song you’re singing, potentially because you’re tone deaf, then WatZatSong comes to the rescue.

This is an online community wherein you may upload snippets of yourself humming or singing a tune and others in the community can help you identify it.


Musipedia-What's the Song Called?


As the name suggests, this is loosely based around Wikipedia, and as such has a great directory of music from which it can identify your music. Unlike Shazam, Musipedia can offer a list of possible matches based on similar notes or tunes. You can either use a virtual piano to play out some of the notes of the music, or you could hum it out. You don’t have to hum or play the virtual piano perfectly of course because the service offers a wide selection of tracks that employ similar notes.

With these apps its guaranteed that you will not have to break your head wondering what’s the song called? Thanks to the technology for coming up with such apps that rescue us from such bothering questions.

Are you aware of any more such apps? Get back to us through the comment section below.


What’s The Song Called? Identify The Song Playing In Your Head
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