Vigilante Crime Awareness App For Your iPhone and Android

It goes without saying that the world has become a lot more transparent than it once was, there is a lot more accountability now. A lot of this is because of Smart Phones and Social Media like Instagram, Facebook etc. Yes, because of the advance in technology every day we find unearthed videos of crime, be it in the hands of civilians or criminals or the Police department. For decades in the 20th-century, African-American communities protested that they were unfairly targeted by the Police without reason, that they were killed without reason or provocation. However, the word of law is strong, and any dissent was always crushed. But in recent years there has been a mass unearthing of video footage which can let us see what is happening, as it is happening, which is where Vigilante crime awareness app comes into play.

Take the case of Tamir Rice, a young boy playing with his toy gun in a park, who is shot by the Police within 2 seconds. Black Lives Matter, as a movement, is, after all, a child of the Social Media era.

Vigilante Crime Awareness App For Your iPhone and Android

Alternatively, the rise in vehemence and distrust of Law Enforcement is also getting the Police to be scared for their lives, and this, in turn, makes them more defensive, which leads to a vicious cycle of distrust between the Police and the communities they are supposed to be protecting. But in this circle of distrust, the criminals often win.


Which is why Vigilante crime awareness app has been introduced. It is a study on whether the crime can survive complete Transparency. We have something resembling translucency now. Videos are unearthed when it’s too late. And considering the fact that the police to the Civilian ratio in New York City is 1 to 232, the Police can’t be everywhere at once, and the civilians aren’t always aware of what’s happening in their vicinity. This is what Vigilante app rectifies. It brings 100% transparency.

Transparency -Vigilante Crime Awareness App

Whenever a 911 call is placed, the contents of the call would be accessible not only to the Police but also all the civilians in the vicinity with the Vigilante App. This would allow them to either steer clear of the zone of the incident or if they’re in the position to do something about it, they can intervene, rather than wait for the Police to arrive, which is often too late. In fact, if someone is around as an incident is under way, they can even record the incident on their smartphones and it would be live broadcast to everyone else accessing the app at the moment. This brings complete transparency to situations, in terms of both the Police and the Civilians and potential criminals.

Vigilante Crime Awareness App

The truth is often multi-layered, and in the present situation, it is only too easy to bury the truth in rhetoric. Transparency puts an end to that. It empowers civilians with action, with knowledge, with the truth.

This can also be helpful in building up relations between the communities and Police. This trust is vital, for both parties involved. As civilians get to actually see how the Police have to risk their lives on a daily basis, understanding and cooperation would foster. Alternatively, if there were to be an actual instance of clear Police Brutality, there would be no way to bury or spin that. The truth would truly speak louder than words.

Currently, the Vigilante crime awareness app is the only available in New York City, though and is only in an experimental phase. In the words of Marc Goodman, the Global Crime Strategist and a Former Police Officer: “My personal belief is that, rather than having a small, elite force of highly trained government agents here to protect us all, we’re much better off having average and ordinary citizens approaching this problem as a group and seeing what we can do. If we all do our part, I think we’ll be in a much better space. The tools to change the world are in everybody’s hands. How we use them is not just up to me, it’s up to all of us.”

Features - Vigilante Crime Awareness App

The Vigilante crime awareness app is available for download on iPhones and Android phones, and has the following features:

  • Browsing through the live feed to find out what’s going on around the City.
  • Receive notifications of any incident taking place in the immediate vicinity.
  • Watch events unfolding live from the perspective of other Vigilantes at the scene.
  • Live chat with other viewers and discuss the event.
  • If an event is happening in your vicinity, hit the record button and broadcast it for all to see.

So let us know down in the comments what you think of Vigilante crime awareness app? Do you think crime can survive this kind of Transparency? Alternatively, do you believe this would only lead to more confusion as every ‘Vigilante’ around the city would try being a Batman in their own rights? Whatever your thoughts on this, we’d love to hear from you!

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