5 Best Unlocked Music Websites To Enjoy At Your Workplace / Schools

Are you one of those people who just needs Music for your existence, be it to balm you, get you pumped up for whatever or even to help you concentrate? There are many people out there who can work significantly better with some music in the background, it often takes away the pain of doing monotonous and boring work. But then there are also those to whom Music is simply a distraction, those who can’t concentrate on anything if there’s a possibility that they could be listening to music.

Because of the latter, the former —the ones who need music — often can’t access Music portals while at School or Work or College because they’re blocked because they’re seen as distractions. In that case, whether you identify with the former category or the latter we don’t care, you should be able to get all the Music fix you need, and then some!

So here’s a couple of websites that are most likely unblocked in your servers, either because they have cleverly not been categorized as entertainment or because they are discreet enough to have gone undetected. So here they are. Enjoy.

Unlocked Music Websites

Here is the list of few unlocked music websites that you can access from anywhere.

#1.  PureVolumeunlocked music websites

PureVolume is a great site which can easily go head to head with all the top music related sites out there. It comes replete with some great interface in which all the music is organized according to the genre, popularity, etc, so you can easily browse through the categories or artists you’re interested in.

There is also a news feed for all your Music related information, and you can even upload music on your own.

#2.  Slackerslacker-radio

Quite true to its name, Slacker will not ask you to waste any time signing in or registering or any such, you can simply access the website.

However, it’s more of a radio tuning site, bringing you channels from the US and Canada, you can simply find the correct radio station and listen in all you like.

#3.  Soundzaboundsoundzabound-unlocked music website

Somewhat lacking in an attractive interface, Soundzabound nevertheless offers a vast registry of some great tunes, all of which can be listened to and streamed for free.

However, if you try to download them then you have to apply for one of their paid membership plans.

#4.  ZUUSzuus-unlocked music website

ZUUS  is a great music site which can offer free viewership of Music Videos. This is for this who like their music to come with Visual Aid.

The homepage features a great picture slider with the top rated music videos. All you need to do is click on the right one and it starts up.

#5.  PlaylistSoundplaylistsound

PlaylistSound is a great site with a whole bunch of cool music and a very user-friendly interface that offers up all the necessary categories for you to choose from.

It even has an in-built player which has a lot of rich features wherein you can stream music for free. However, if you want the mp3 version you’ll have to pay for it.

These are just a few of the unlocked music websites from where you can listen to some great music without being blocked.

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