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To get Teer Common Number for Teer Results in advance at Teer Counter game, you can simply look for some canon or tricks that actually works for teer counter. Disclose today’s teer common number and today’s teer result instantly.

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Teer counter is one of the best shortcut way to make money if you really understand the techniques to get teer common number before the result is announced.

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Teer Counter: Teer Common Number

Anyone who is new to this game won’t realize that he is getting involved slowly and get addicted to it very fast.

But as its a game where you need to put up money each time to play the game by trying to hit the common number, but if you are playing this game by hoping and depending on luck, get ready to start loosing money.

teer counter & teer common number

There are some formula or tricks whatever you say to get teer common number to get easy nearest number each time you hit some number.

If you pick up some common teer numbers, which is well understood by you while implementing it you have higher chances of getting more exact numbers.

Teer Common Numbers

Find Teer Common Number before Teer Results:

You have the freedom to select any number between 0-100, but it doesn’t make sense until you choose the number very wisely.


First and foremost, if you haven’t play teer for a lot of days, then kindly do not play straight. You need to inspect the pattern of outcome both preliminary and also 2nd round for at least one month. If not you will continuously loose the game other than a win by luck on very rare case.

After inspecting the pattern of outcome of both first round as well as second round. Ensure that you have actually written the result of that entire month in a note pad or paper.

Compare that entire months teer results with the earlier month’s teer results. For example, you have noted down for the month of August entire teer results of both first and 2nd round. So currently compare AUG month with July month.

Analyze the differences, like if first round results comes above 50 property (High Numbers) and 2nd round below 50 home (reduced numbers) as a bulk . Whereas on the month of Aug it is simply other to July month.

If you discover such kind of result after that it is particular ahead all the middle numbers house like between (30-80)house for the next coming month.


You can check earlier teer results regularly at teer counter.com to analyze the numbers that has high chances to hit exact number in your next teer results.


Teercounter: Overall following the above teer formula you can assume and hit the number, but for more safety it is highly recommended to hit at least 20 numbers on each round you play which to be very close to each other so that you can win in most of the cases.


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