Top 5 Best SharePoint Alternatives – 2016

If you aren’t entirely aware of what SharePoint is, it’s not really much of a surprise. SharePoint is a software that a lot of Fortune 500 companies and conglomerates use to develop websites and also manage content and data. It is a great tool to help businesses communicate better, and is used by companies such as Toyota, Associated Press, and others. However, there are a lot of other alternatives to this as well, most of which swept the market after the Cloud innovation. These alternatives actively market themselves as SharePoint alternatives, while capitalizing on its several greatest weaknesses.

While SharePoint is doubtless a great tool for businesses, it also makes use of several product modules in order to offer a range of features and versatility. However, SharePoint alternatives are required , since it comes with a set of weaknesses. It is way too expensive and not feasible for small or even mid-seized businesses as it can cost them thousands of dollars on a single cost. Furthermore, they are the furthest things for ‘user-friendly’ and businesses generally need to hire an expert just to handle SharePoint, and thus you end up increasing the costs even more as a result of maintenance, experts, etc. If your business can’t handle the complexity, high upfront fees, consequent maintenance and IT fees, then you would be much better off with other more user-friendly alternatives to SharePoint.

Top 5 Best SharePoint Alternatives – 2016

Here’s a list of 5 great SharePoint alternatives.

#1.  Google for Work

SharePoint Alternatives -Google for Work

You are definitely aware of Google, and several of its apps as well, such as Gmail, Drive, Doc, Sheets, etc. Google is known for its simplicity and user-friendly nature packaged with some great features. This is what Google for Work offers. It is basically a set of all of their separate utility apps in a single ultimate package optimized for business use.

They currently have a user base of over 5 million companies. They offer features on the range of content management, file sharing, communication, emails, etc, all of it accessible from any location and from any device at all. Some of their unique features are email and chat archiving, calendars and scheduling, document editing, form creation, survey creation, intranet sites, video conferencing, etc.

#2.  Alfresco 

Alfresco - alternative to SharePoint

This is one of the most popular of the SharePoint alternatives as it is free to use and is an open-source software which provides features every bit as extensive as the really expensive software out there. It has great user-friendly content management systems and can handle web or blog creation, simultaneous document editing, etc.

It can access all the popular formats of documents, but if necessary it can also access the lesser known ones. It is also compatible with Mobile apps and comes with message boards and calendars in order to make communication easier.

#3.  Huddle 

Huddle - SharePoint alternative

Huddle have described and marketed themselves as the “#1 SharePoint Alternatives” which is apt considering their platform is created in such a way so as to appeal to government agencies and large companies. They provide services to agencies such as NASA, EPSON and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Their features include an intelligent content dashboard, cloud facilities which can be easily customized, collaborative tools, task and data management, sharing, and FedRAMP, FISMA, and IL3 certified compliant. However, as convenient as they are, they aren’t made for small businesses as they are actually more expensive than SharePoint.

#4.  WordPress

wordpress - SharePoint alternative

This is one of the most user-friendly and popular content management systems out there, especially as they initially started off made for blog creation. Their functionality has now far exceeded that initial plan but they retain the simple features.

In fact, they are quickly becoming the most common content management system, to be used by most new businesses and websites. They also don’t require any additional maintenance cost as they can very easily be handled.

#5.  Box for Business

Box for Business - SharePoint alternative

While on the surface it might seem like a simple cloud Storage service, it is actually a lot more than just that, making it ideal for businesses. They offer features like custom branding, task management, mobile security, access stats and reporting and they are Compliant with HIPAA/HITECH, SEC 17a-4 (FINRA), and PCI DSS.

They are also one of the most security-conscious tools out there. Although they don’t offer in-built content editing features, they do collaborate with Office 365 to help you do the needful.

So if you’re a business just starting up and looking for a Content Management system any one of these will be a great alternative, as long as you remember to put in some additional research and really gauge which one is ideal for your particular needs.

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