Download PS3 Emulator for Pc to Play Ps3 Games-Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP

I am sure you love PS3 games as you’re here. Go through this post if you want to learn how to play ps3 games on pc by the use of play station3 emulators. We have also mentioned a very helpful guide on how to play ps2 games on android devices easily for free.

PlayStation 3 is one of the best gaming consoles which is ever made by Sony. This is the third generation console which comes with amazing hardware and specifications.

All the games which are developed by gaming developers like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, GTA 5, Unchartered 3 and many more are available for Play Station 3.

If you wanted to play PS3 games on PC, you can use PS3 emulator for PC.

Play Station 3 On Your Computer

You might know about Android Emulators like Bluestacks, Andy Android emulator. PlayStation 3 Emulator is an emulating software which will help you in running all your favorite games on your PC and that too for free.

Android games you’ll love to play on your computer:

  1. Clash of Clans for PC
  2. WWE Immortals For PC
  3. Subway Surfers For PC

There is a simple guide which needs to be followed to setup the emulator and then, you can easily play them on your laptop or desktop.

If you are having a Windows PC, then you are in luck as it will only work with Windows PC. We prefer one to have Windows 7 or higher for swift running of games but, if you are having Windows XP or Vista you can try.

But we don’t guarantee if you would be able to run the games properly on Windows XP or Vista. This is one of the easiest and safest methods which you can use to play PS3 games on PC.

If you want to have the real PlayStation 3 fun, you need to buy the PS3 console which will cost you much. But you can always use emulator which is available for free.

Requirements for PS3 Emulator for PC

best ps3 emulator for pc

There are some requirements which need to be completed in order to play them using this emulator and we have shared them below.

  • Your PC should have at least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested)
  • You need a good graphics card. We suggest you to go for a HD graphics card with minimum 1 GB storage.
  • Around 20 GB free disk space in C drive.
  • Windows 7 or higher version of windows operating system.
  • .Net Framework which you can download from here.

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Download PS3 Emulator on Computer free

Once you are sure that your PC is compatible with PS3 emulator you are ready to download PS3 emulator for PC.

The download link of the software can be obtained from this link.

The software is around 4 MB in size and will take only a couple of minutes to complete the installation.

Once you have opened the website click on Download button which will start downloading it.

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How to install PS3 Emulator for PC

Once you have successfully downloaded, you are ready to start installing it.

Follow the steps shared below which will help you in installing the software:

  1. Extract the downloaded setup file and double click on the installer file which will start the installation process.
  2. To install the software just follow the instructions which you are getting on your screen. We suggest you not to change any settings and keep it to default for getting the best gaming experience. Just keep all the settings and options default.
  3. Once the software has been installed you will see the shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Now you need to install bios on your system which we have shared in the next part of this post.

How to play PlayStation 3 games with PS3 emulator

download ps3 emulator for pc free

Once you have installed the software you are ready to play PS3 games. Follow the guide below which will help you to configure the software and will also tell you how you can play PS3 games.

  1. Make sure you have installed the emulator following the steps shared above.
  2. Open the software for the first time. When you are going to start the emulator for the first time you will be asked to install BIOS.
  3. Click on Yes and you will get redirected to BIOS installation page.
  4. Make sure the BIOS you are installing is in the same folder where you have installed the emulator.
  5. Once BIOS is installed you can close the emulator and then open it again. You are now ready to activate the emulator.
  6. Now go to file> load and select the disk image which you want to play on your PC.

Other guide that you’ll find helpful:

Want to buy PS3?

Do you want to know the price of PlayStation 3? In India, the price is around 23,000 INR. Here is the link to buy it.

One of my friend from Turkey ask me, playstation 3 fiyatları teknosa (English meaning: PlayStation 3 Prices TeknoSA). TeknoSA is the online store. It’s price in Turkish Lira is about 949,00 TL. Here is the link for you. Now Don’t ask me again about ps3 fiyatları teknosa, as I don’t know Turkish.

You can now easily play PS3 games on PC using this PS3 emulator for PC. It is easy to download the PS3 games as all the games are available for free via torrents. This is the best way using which you can play all your favorite games.

To get the best experience we suggest you to get a powerful processor, good amount of RAM and a good dedicated graphics card like Nvidia, ATI.

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