This Super Powerful ‘Brain Pill’ Can Make You 3x Smarter & More Focused!

People, the future is here! While you were sitting on your sofa, eating Doritos and watching Netflix, the scientists of the world were working extra hours to deliver a product that could very well change humanity as we know it. Or at least that’s what they said on the 1960’s when these new type of drugs first appeared on the market. These type of drugs are known as Nootropics, commonly referred as Smart Drugs. You have to have self-restraint in order to use this kind of drugs. There are many types of nootropics out there and if you start stacking all of them and putting them into your system, you might be in trouble. You may be at risk of developing brain tumors.  Always talk to a doctor before you put some drug in your system. Not just if you felt bad after taking them. Always.

Nevertheless, we have to take a look at this little new powerful ‘brain pill’ which, Thrivous says that it makes us smarter and more focused. Now, the problem with these kinds of statements is that if they are actually true. You may begin to question their nature and their effects. They may be addictive. They may be dangerous. Of course, as everything is, even water is, if you drink too much of it, water will make you sick.

smart drugs

There are many companies and some individuals as well that may help you to realize which type of pill or pills are better for you. This little pills are filled with all sorts of drugs that can change the way our brain react to simple and complex tasks. There is a movie which depicts these effects, it’s called Limitless. Unlike the movie, you may not transform into a super smart human.

Over the years, the market for nootropics has grown exponentially and the use of them has become very popular. Many people use them for enhancing their brains and expect that their use helps them achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. Some bodybuilders also use them for their brain metabolism enhancing effects.

The number one nootropic on the market right now is named Clarity and it’s made by a company named Thrivous. They specialize in the area of nootropics. They have many types of nootropics, but this is the most popular one. It’s said to enhance your focus, memory, mood and your brain functions in general. Not every nootropic needs a prescription from your doctor. If you wish to try Clarity, you can buy it off the shelf in any drug store. It costs $40 per bottle without a prescription and $30 if your doctor prescribes it to you.

thrivous - brain pill

There are many companies which sell this specific kind of nootropic. Although, many may not work at all. Sadly, this market is filled with counterfeit nootropics. Meaning that when you go buy them, you expect them to do the job, and they just don’t, at all. Some of the counterfeit nootropics may even cost up to $60 per bottle.

There is a common misconception when it comes to brain enhancing drugs. It’s very common for someone to make a co-relation between smart drugs and steroids. People might think that these smart drugs will make your brain bigger and stronger, just as steroids would do to muscles. That’s just wrong. The goal of smart drugs is to make the brain focused and to help it work more efficiently. Don’t think that if you have an IQ of 90 you will instantly become the next Bill Gates after taking these pills. They just don’t work like that. Imagine if one day after taking this powerful ‘brain pill’ you just woke up super smart, it would be awesome. I would call it InstaSmart. Mainly because I’m not that creative.

nootropics - brain pills

Keep in mind that, while these drugs may help you to actually be more focused on the task at hand, your studies or any activity, it may very well just be a placebo effect. You have to take into account that almost every positive effect that these kinds of drugs have reported over the years are only anecdotal. This kind of anecdotal proof you might refer to it as merely hearsay. The scientific community has yet to establish the actual effectiveness of these drugs.

Personally, I don’t think I would try Clarity or any other powerful ‘brain pill’ out there for that matter. I rather just do it the old fashion way, reading. You see, when you read a book, you get smarter. You may think just reading a book doesn’t make you smarter, and if all you read is Twilight, you may be right. There are a number of books available on the planet, and every single one of them has something to offer… well, maybe not Twilight. Almost every book gives you a piece of information to make yourself smarter. And that’s the thing. You are the one responsible for making your brain smarter, not drugs. That’s just my personal opinion, what’s yours? Would you take Nootropics?.

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