PhotoScan App – From Google Photos For IOS And Android

New Advancement from Google has been released to give its followers a new tool to try which they will surely love. Googles PhotoScan App is worth trying. It offers new features that are not present with the other scanner app. Google has lots of new features to offer so kindly read.

Google’s new app for Android and IOS has come out to market to restore and transform your old photos digitally. PhotoScan is a scanner-like that allows you to enhance your old pictures and save it to your phone or to your Cloud. Photoscan lets you scan photos, enhance and save. Giving you a fresh copy of your old pictures.

PhotoScan App For IOS And Android

The announcement can be read through in Google launches Photoscan. In this article, Google announces its launching for their new product named PhotoScan.

PhotoScan App for Android and IOS


The PhotoScan App Features

  • PhotoScan detects your photos edges, automatically crops and then straightens the scanned photos
  • Removes glare and corrects orientation with step by step capture flow.
  • It has smart rotation feature, so that the scanned photos stay right-side-up no matter however it is placed for scanning
  •  It allows photos to be saved into phones or to your Google Photos which for now offers unlimited photo storage and lets you share your photos over the internet.

 PhotoScan App Download For IOS and Android

The New Apps is easy and free to download and use, check out below

PhotoScan can be installed after the application has been successfully downloaded. After installation, Photoscan will now be ready for use.

How PhotoScan App Differs From Any Other Apps

Other scanner app like ScanCafe, Photomyne, Shoebox , Heirloom and Memories are alternatives to PhotoScan. But only PhotoScan App has the multi angled feature. PhotoScan is combining multi angles to remove the glare. Thus giving a finer line and sharper pictures.

Google also added some new features to automatically enhance the pictures quality. The “auto enhance” feature lets you adjust the photos on its brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth based on your personal preferences and styles’s


Google’s new app will make a breakthrough in terms of photo enhancement and photo storage. Thinking of how convenient it may be to store photos using Photo Storage. This will make it easier for everyone to share their photos with friends, families, and relatives. The technology that they use in PhotoScan makes it different from other apps of the same kind.

Thinking about reviving old photos and turning it into something digital is really a cool idea. It will make our oldies happy and refresh some of their memories. Now, it is really possible that old pictures memories still linger after a long time.. With this new enhancing and easy sharing tool, we can easily connect with our loved ones especially our old buddies, grandmas and grandpas.

Google is continuously updating and constantly adding new tools giving us cool tools for an easy modification and easy storage and retrieval. Google is making our life easier. With their unlimited Photo Storage which everyone would surely agree. Go ahead and check it out and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

PhotoScan App – From Google Photos For IOS And Android
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