Requirements of Perfect Computer to Run Bluestacks without Error

Bluestacks System Requirements: What’s the Perfect Computer to Run Bluestacks without Error?

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We have received many queries from the readers of our website regarding requirements of perfect computer to run bluestacks for playing android games and applications as they get many errors while using Bluestacks app player.

You need to believe that we are here to listen to our beloved readers and after reading this post your problem will be solved.

Getting Errors While Installing Bluestacks on Computer? You’re at Right Place.

bluestacks requirements

If you are new to the term Android emulator we would like to tell you that Android emulators are software’s which help in easy running of all free Android games and applications on PC.

There are different kinds of Android emulators which are compatible with different versions of Windows operating systems.

Bluestacks Android app emulator is one of the best emulators because of smooth interface and easy running of apps.

In order to get the best experience on Bluestacks app player, you need a computer with perfect requirements because every software has its requirements. If your PC is not fulfilling the required requirements, you won’t get the best experience possible.

There might be times when you are able to play the same game on your friend’s computer without any lags which was hanging when you were playing it on your PC. The reason behind this might be less powerful hardware on your device.

If the hardware present in your PC falls under the category of minimum system requirements needed for using Bluestacks app player, then all the apps should run smoothly. However, if the hardware present in your PC doesn’t qualify the minimum system requirements, you can’t blame Bluestacks app player for getting error on your PC.

Minimum PC System Requirements to Install Bluestacks Error Free

bluestacks system requirements
As we already told you, your computer needs to qualify the minimum system requirements in order to play any android game or application.

There are some for Bluestacks app player also. You can view the minimum system requirements for Bluestacks app player below.

  • Your computer should be working on Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or higher. If you are using MAC then your PC should have at least Mac OS X installed on it.
  • Your PC should have minimum of 2 GB RAM in it. Along with RAM you also need some free space in C Drive of your computer as if you are not having enough space in C drive you won’t be able to download and install new apps and games.
  • You should have the latest drivers of graphic card which you are using on your PC.

You need to consider these requirements for Bluestacks app player. If you are wondering what will be a perfect computer to run Bluestacks app player without any error, you can have a read below.

What is a perfect computer to run Bluestacks without error


Perfect Computer to Run Bluestacks without Error

Perfect Computer to Run Bluestacks without Error

This section is the core of this post so, we suggest you to read this part properly. This is the most important part which you need to read properly.

If you are looking for a perfect computer which is capable of running Bluestacks app player without any error, it should come with the following things in it.

Your computer should have OS X or Windows operating system running on it. If you are using MAC, then make sure the operating system which you are using is not more than two years old.

If you are using Windows PC, make sure that you are having Windows XP or an advanced version running like windows 7, windows 8.1/8. Windows XP should also come with Service Pack 3 running on it.

All the components of your PC should be updated with latest drivers available.

Coming to RAM you need at least 2 GB RAM on your device. You might be able to run apps and games on your device with less RAM but it might hang which will lead to errors.

For getting the best gaming experience without glitches we suggest you to get at least 4 GB RAM. To get high end experience you should get 6 or 8 GB of RAM.

The monitor you are using should be at least HD ready monitor. If you can get a full HD 720p monitor it will be best as you will get the best gaming experience on LED Full HD monitor.

As we are dealing with games here, a good graphics card is needed. You can try from different variety of graphics cards which are available in the market for computers.

The memory of your graphics card should be at least 512 MB. Make sure that your graphics card is having the latest drivers.

The last thing which you need to see is the storage space available in the C drive of your computer. Your C drive should have at least 10 GB of free storage space.

If your computer fulfills all requirements needed for bluestacks emulator, you can download and insall all android games and apps available on your pc for free. Some games and apps (but not limited to these only) are mentioned below for example:

Android Apps On PC

  • BBM For PC,
  • Whatsapp For PC,
  • UC Browser For PC,
  • All other Apps For PC

Android Games For PC

Key Points: What are Bluestacks System Requirements

In a nutshell, Below are system requirements for BlueStacks:

  • Your PC should come with at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • You should have a monitor with HD display in it.
  • All the drivers should be updated of your computer including the graphic drivers.
  • Your C drive should have at least 10 GB of free storage space.

These mentioned above are all the bluestacks requirements of perfect computer to run this android emulator for running games without any error.

If your computer has qualified the minimum system requirements and you are still facing the issues, you can ask your queries by using the comments section below.

Requirements of Perfect Computer to Run Bluestacks without Error
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