OCR Converter – Adding To Your Business

Does your business handle large volumes of paperwork? Is your filing room a mess? Do you struggle to find documents or misplace them? Then your business needs an OCR solution. OCR works by scanning documents, keeping the important data intact and uncompromised, and then uploading them to your cloud storage platform where they can be accessed by members of your team working on the file.

OCR has changed the way data and information flow in a company. Gone are the days of waiting for a file while the file clerk wanders through their records searching for your request. OCR gives you on-demand access to your data whenever and wherever you are in the world.

OCR can scan incoming emails and faxes, discerning text from images. OCR can actually clean up poor quality images taken by mobile phone cameras and re-insert them into the document without losing any of the original documents data. OCR can read different languages and symbols while re-engineering the document to meet your company’s standardized layout format. The data is then validated before it is uploaded to your DMS (Document Management System) where it can be accessed by your employees.

OCR Converter

OCR works in co-operating with Word documents, Excel converter software and PDFs to provide you with a complete document management system that is self-contained and meets your business administration requirements. Since its inception in the mid-nineties, OCR has revolutionized the way companies handle and transfer data.

OCR allows your business to make the transition to a totally paperless environment, where documents are only stored electronically. This system eliminates any wasted productivity time that occurs from waiting around for filing clerks to scour paper records.

Major Advantages Of OCR Converter

Here are some basic advantages of implementing an OCR solution in your company and what you can expect from the system.

  • Store your documents securely.
  • Send and receive documents electronically.
  • Reduce overheads on physical document storage and management.
  • Do away with manual data entry.
  • Never lose a document again, all your records are stored in the cloud and indexed for immediate accessibility.
  • Improve your customer service by keeping your client records available on-demand.
  • Maintain compliance in your business with regard to data transfer and storage regulations.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of OCR for your business. Here are some other critical areas in which OCR Converter can assist your business operations.

Immediate Access to Data with Cloud Storage

Keep your data on-demand. There is no more waiting around for a file while the clerk digs through their records. With OCR you have instant access to the cloud and all of your documents. The cloud has changed the way companies handle their data. Secure connections and networks protect your data from prying eyes and ensure that you never misplace or lose a document ever again. The cloud allows you to access your data from wherever you may be, even abroad, making it a truly portable, mobile solution that can be accessed from any laptop or mobile device.

Create Your Own Automatic Forms

Create your own automatic forms with OCR Converter. You now have the ability to capture data as soon as the form is completed. The form will be uploaded to your Document Management System and the relevant team members notified. If you consider the savings you will make on the administration of this task, then your business could save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars every quarter. OCR also allows you to create and receive invoices online, eliminating any manual handling of documents that could result in data loss due to human error. Revolutionize the way your business captures data with the power of an OCR.

Wrapping Up

Implementing OCR technology in your business will allow your organization to grow into its next phase of the business cycle. OCR improves productivity, provides immediate access to data, and creates a completely paperless operating environment for your business.

Now that you are aware of this revolutionary technology called OCR Converter, take advantage of this and implement it in your business today.

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