Top 10 Most Expensive Digital Cameras In The World

People in their teenage years may not relate to this. But as a 20-something, I remember a time when people relied on cameras that made use of films. At that age, one would take single pictures of selected moments like a birthday or a Christmas, but now you can find a hundred shots of nothing but lunch in pretty much every person’s cell phones. Technology often accelerates not at a geometric, but exponential rate. And with it, our habits evolve as well. Cameras that can do everything, from taking high-quality pictures, to working under water, to taking panoramic shots or recording videos for social media like youtube, these have increasingly become necessities in this modern age. We don’t just want it, we need it. While most of these functions serve fairly well in cell phones that come with great cameras and features, but still to really capture true beauty you need proper exclusive cameras still. We haven’t yet outgrown them. However, there are some that can be claimed the most expensive digital cameras, one can only wonder what they could possibly offer.

Top 10 Most Expensive Digital Cameras In the World

So here’s a list of the 10 most expensive digital cameras in the world right now.

#10. Sony Alpha A99 – $3,300

Most Expensive Digital Cameras

This is a single-lens camera made by the Sony group. This can take pictures of up to 24.3 megapixels. This comes with an SLT technology with a viewfinder which is electronic as opposed to being optical.

As a result of this, the viewfinder has as many as 2.4 million dots in a picture which offers the most impressive clarity and detail possible. It also makes use of translucent Mirror Technology for fast focus.

#9.  Canon EOS 5D Mark III $3,900

Canon EOS 5D Mark III - most expensive digital camera

With 22.3 megapixels, this is an impressive camera by the most popular camera brand in the world — Cannon. It is made with CMOS full frame and allows one to quickly scroll through pictures.

Its video recording feature is also impressive, available in high def resolutions, and it comes replete with a host of impressive features. It has 61 points AF sensor and 63 zone iFCL metering system. It also offers CA correction, touch sensitive rear dial and headphone socket.

#8.  Nikon D4 — $6,000

Nikon D4 - most expensive digital camera

Nikon is the other powerhouse brand of the Camera world. While this has a lower megapixel than the others — 16.2 — it makes up for that with some cool features that effectively trump that megapixel consideration.

It has the ability to focus on whatever piece of environment you want to focus on, this is possible with the 52 AF points and autofocus points features. It is ideally suited to capture actions and sports or other activities in motion.

#7.  Pentax 645D — $10,000

Pentax 645D -most expensive digital camera

With a whopping 40 megapixels, this offers incredible attention to detail and resolution. You can also crop pictures within the camera itself, and it also comes with the auto-focus feature to get precise shots.

It comes with a great viewfinder made of glass ideal for greater focus and clarity. It has Weather-Sealed Magnesium Alloy Body and is compatible with Pentax 645 Lenses

#6.  Canon EOS 1D Mark III $12,000

Canon EOS 1D Mark III -most expensive digital camera

This is a single lens reflex camera with relatively low 10.1 megapixels. However, it makes up for that lack of a high-resolution courtesy of the CMOS sensor.

With an ISO range of 100 and 3,200 that can be expanded to 50 and 6,400, this is generally preferred for rapid shots during fast movements.

#5.  Leica S2-P $30,000

Leica S2-P- most expensive camera

With water-resistance and long lasting battery, it is ideal for capturing shots of adventure sports or taking with you when you go traveling. This is one of the most expensive digital cameras out there.

Another feature which adds to its benefit in terms of a travel camera is its small size which makes it very portable, and crystal sharp results with bright images.

#4.  Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic $40,000

Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic most expensive camera

This is ideally meant for capturing panoramic 360-degree shots of your surroundings in a matter of just 8 seconds. The shots thus captures can be accessed trough all the basic virtual reality players like Quick Time, Flash VR, etc.

It is much favored by police departments and forensic institutions for crime scene investigations and tactical mapping. However, it is most definitely not meant for the casual user because of the price which is in direct proportion to its size, and the fact that tactical mapping isn’t something people need yet in daily lives.

#3.  Phase One P65+ Digital Back Medium Format with 645 DF $40,000

Phase One P65+ Digital Back Medium Format with 645 DF -most expensive camera lenses

This is next to perfect with full sensory features. Although it only has 15 megapixels its captured quality is next to perfect and better than most other cameras out there, as it ought to be considering its placed in number 3 on this list.

However, this is quite a professional use camera with a choice of over 60 lenses for different purposes and is one of the most expensive cameras in the world.

#2.  Seitz 6x17 Panoramic $43,000

Seitz 6×17 Panoramic - most expensive camera in the world

The quality of this camera is commensurate with the price. It can capture 300 Mbs of data every second and produces pictures with 160 million pixels.

It’s ideal for landscape shots or art shots that require an intense attention to detail and finesse. It has easy camera control and image preview and also offers storage with connected tablet PC computer or any 64-bit PC or Mac computer.

#1.  Hasselblad H4D 200MS $45,000

most expensive digital camera -Hasselblad H4D 200MS

With a sensor mounted atop a multi-shot frame and 200 million pixels per image, this is clearly the winner not only in terms of price but also quality. It has a 50-megapixel resolution 16-bit color definition. It also has 3.0″ 24-Bit Color LCD.

It also offers easy correction of any negligible and rare blurs that may come up and is great also for night time photography.

So these are some of the most expensive digital cameras in the world. Let us know down in the comments if you’re tempted to buy any of these most expensive digital cameras, or would you rather just stick to your camera phones, we’d love to hear from you.

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