5 Best Mailchimp Alternatives – 2016

MailChimp is one of the most popular and leading Email marketing tools out there for companies to use. It comes packed full of interesting tools for mass email campaigns and with tweaks you can keep upgrading your marketing tools to be at the top of your game. There are a lot of admitted advantages to MailChimp that makes it an ideal tool for email marketing such as a wide abundance of templates, easy integration with other social media, the ability to remove the branding and logo and personalize your emails. These are all great benefits, plus you can also run analytics on it to discover how your marketing campaigns are working. However, MailChimp also comes with its fair share of cons because of which MailChimp alternatives have been gaining popularity.

These cons may include things like the fact that they reserve the right to suspend your account if there are too many spam complaints against your account. Furthermore, although MailChimp does provide a fair number of templates they can often be very basic and rudimentary and needs vast modification in order to personalize them. These along with a couple of Cons of MailChimp have makes alternatives to MailChimp popular.

5 Best MailChimp Alternatives

Here’s a list of 5 great MailChimp alternatives you can seriously consider.

#1.  Benchmark – Free 10,000 email per month

MailChimp Alternatives - Benchmark

Benchmark may be an alternative to MailChimp but it is also its greatest replicator, and its interface often feels too similar to MailChimp in its complexity. This service was started in India in 2004 by 3 Medical Workers, and since their inception, they’ve stuck pretty closely to their original design of a simple but versatile platform for companies to shoot off their email marketing plans from.

They are a great tool to go for if you don’t wanna’ shell out extra bucks for your email marketing, as they offer a free plan in which you’ll be limited to 10,000 email per month along with all unlocked features. If you’re just starting out your email campaign this might prove ideal.

#2.  MailGet –  $29 for unlimited emails

MailGet -MailChimp Alternatives

MailGet is a great option for those who want to accomplish easy email campaigns without being bogged down with excessive sophistication. This offers a very simple module, you just sign on like you would to any other mailing service, and then simply start sending out emails with helpful tools like scheduling emails, and a drag-drop system.

Although they offer simplicity and comfort they have a base cost of $29 for unlimited emails to up to 10,000 subscribers. You can also import contacts easily and run Google Analytics on it to see how your campaign is doing.

#3.  Campaign Monitor – $9 for 500 subscribers

Campaign Monitor - Alternative to MailChimp

While their Brand Name- Campaign Monitor creativity is somewhat lax, it at least hits you with the USP, which is a very well structured and organized means of monitoring and managing email campaigns. It’s also somewhat lacking in its ability to integrate with other social media, however, the great thing about this is that they offer price plans per feature, so you pay exactly for what you want, not for anything more or less.

However, they don’t offer a free trial month or anything as such, and while their pricing plan is fully customizable it’s certainly not the cheapest. Their base plan is $9 for 500 subscribers.

#4.  GetResponse – $15 a month

GetResponse -Alternative to MailChimp

This is another great option as MailChimp alternatives, for your email marketing needs. Its USP is that it is perfectly web integrated and easy to use. They base pricing plan is quoted at just $15 a month, and they offer some cool features like Video marketing, drag-drop emails, intelligence tools, a wide variety of templates that only require minor tweaking to personalize, and they even come equipped with a Landing Page creator.

However, word has it that they have terrible customer service, so if you run into a brick wall you’re pretty much on your own.

#5.  iContact –  $14 for 500 contacts

iContact - mailchimp alternative

They come with a wide array of tools that are perfect for small businesses and big conglomerates alike. It comes with a wide range of tools like an HTML WYSIWYG Editor, tracking feature in order to run more sophisticated analytics on your marketing, custom email templates, and complete social media integration.

However, they aren’t very cheap, and for a cost of $14 offer just 500 contacts, which is far lesser than a lot of the other services in this list.

So these are some of the other MailChimp alternatives. Of course, every application or service comes with its pros and cons, what’s good for some may be terrible for others, which is why we encourage you to run a thorough research and see which one addresses your particular needs best. And then do get back to us with your experiences, we’d love to hear from you.

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