Love Calculator Prank – Trick To Know Your Friend’s Crush Name (Lover’s Name) Easily

Love Calculator Prank : Who doesn’t like to trick their friends!! If you ask us, one of the greatest things about friendship is that you keep trolling and tricking each other but the person never feels bad about it. You must have heard about so many pranks and tricks which you can easily try on your friends.

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These tricks are of several different types and some of these also help you in tricking your friends in order to know their crush’s name! Crushes are super cute and we all have had them at least once during our growing up years.

If you have a friend who you think is having a crush on somebody, here’s a cool trick using which you can trick them and know their crush’s name just like that. This trick is known as the Love Calculator Prank and here’s how you can use it for tricking your friends!

Best Love Calculator Prank

In order to implement this fun love calculation trick, all you need to do is send a simple website link to your friend. This trick works in a wondrous manner and as soon as your friend will enter his name as well as his crush’s name and click on the “submit” button, all the entered names will reach you on your email id.

This is a very cool trick using which you can get some personal information about your friend’s life; which is especially really fun if your friend is secretive about their personal life.

So now that you are well acquitted with the trick and its use, let us show you how to create your very own link that you can share across all your friends in order to know their life’s little secrets.

  • First and foremost, you are required to visit the official website of Ultimate Love Calc
  • Here you will be asked to get yourself registered.
  • In the next step, you are required to enter your Name as well as Email Address to get started on this trick.
  • This will help you in acquiring your very own personalized link.
  • All you need to do is copy this link and share it with all those friends whom secret crushes you want to know.
  • As soon as your friends will open the link and enter someone’s name in it along with all the details, you will receive an email containing of all the details that your friend has just entered! Voila!! There you will have your friend’s crush’s name just like that.

If you are still wondering about what is the fun in this Love Calculator Prank, well, you can now blackmail your friend using their crush’s name and get treats that they would otherwise never give!! A soda or pizza party, you can get it all my friend! So what are you waiting for? Visit the above link now and start tricking your friends and have some fun.

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How to Know your friend’s crush’s name i.e Lover’s Name Trick

Below is a list of some super cool websites using which you can implement this Love Calculator Prank on your friends.

(1.) Love Percent Calculate

love calculator prankLove Percent Calculate : As it is very clear from the name of this website, Love Percent Calculate will assist you in calculating the percentage of your love with your crush/ girlfriend/ wife. As soon as you will land on the official page of this website (, you will see text boxes for entering your as well as your crush’s name.

The fun part here is that you can enter as many as 3 crush’s name! Imagine how embarrassed and annoyed your friend is going to be once they reveal all their crush’s names to you. As soon as they will click on the submit button, you will have all their crush’s names in your inbox and here begins the ultimate blackmailing!

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(2.) Peter Answers – Virtual Tarrot

fool your friendsPeter Answers is one of the most popular internet pranks which you can use for tricking your friends and loved ones. Probably the most amusing fact about this cook virtual tarot prank is that it will answer each and every answer that you will ask! For instance, ask this tool to tell you the colour of your friend’s shoes, will your teacher turn up for the test today, will you pass the history exam tomorrow and so on.

The astonishing thing about Peter Answers is that it will answer all your questions correctly. All you need to do is use your friends and use positive language while asking the questions and there is no chance you can go wrong.

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(3.)Calculate My Love

calculate my loveCalculate My Love : This is the last Love Calculator Prank which we will reveal today! The beautiful design and layout of CalculateMyLove gives it the look and feel of being a dating and love- calculation website.

All you need to do is enter your name as well as your crush/ girlfriend’s name in the text boxes and it will calculate the percentage of love as well as compatibility that the two of you have. You can enter as many as 3 crush’s names in the text box and also compare the partner whom you are more compatible with.

Here comes the trick part! You will be amazed to know that as soon as you will click on the calculate button, your name as well as your crush’s name will be emailed to the site admin’s inbox. You can very deceivingly use this trick with your friends.

All you need to do is go to the CalculateMyLove website and register here for free. You will be provided with a dashboard link as well as a profile link. Now you can share the profile link with your friends and siblings across all social networking websites like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail and so on.

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Your friends will never be able to guess that this is a love calculator prank and they will very innocently enter their name and their crush’s name for calculating their love percentage. As soon as the submit button is clicked on, all the entered names will be viewed on your dashboard and you can have a lot of fun!

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