Kik Symbols Meaning For S, D, R, “…”, “!” and All Other Signs

kik symbols meaning: Previously, we have written nice guide on kik online login and other related guides. If you are using messaging applications like Kik, you might have seen that there are some symbols or signs right next to the messages. Messaging applications are using a lot of different emoticons, emojis, and symbols in them to demonstrate different things.

kik symbols

S, D and R are the common signs which you will see in Kik Messenger. If you want to know kik symbol meaning, you are at the right place as today we are going to tell you meaning of all these kik symbols.

Kik Symbols and kik Symbols Meaning

The symbols which you are getting on Kik Messenger will vary from smartphone to smartphone. It might get a lot confusing if you don’t know these symbols because you don’t know if the person has read your message or even your message is delivered. You can find out the kik symbols meaning below:

kik symbols meaning

kik signs meaning

S – kik Symbols meaning

The symbol S in Kik Messenger denotes that the message which have sent using Kik Messenger is successfully sent by the servers of Kik Messenger. As you see that there is S symbol with the message it will make sure that the person has received that message and he can’t deny it.

D – KIK Symbols meanings

The next symbol which you would have seen in Kik messenger is D. The Symbol D in Kik Messenger means that the message which you have sent is delivered to your friend or the recipient. Even if the person is not having the application installed and the message is delivered, you will see D right next to the message.

R – Kik Symbols meaning

The symbols S and D means sent and delivered. Now we talk about the symbol R. Symbol R means that the message which you sent and was delivered is finally read by your recipient. The recipient of the message has opened the app and read the message completely. If you are seeing R right next to the message it denotes that your message is read and if the person is not responding either he is busy or you are being ignored.

We hope that now you understand what is the meaning of symbols S, D and R in Kik Messenger. There are other symbols also present in Kik Messenger. We have shared their meanings below.

Meanings of All Other Symbols of Kik Messenger

kik symbol meanings

kik symbol meanings

Here we are going to tell you the meaning of misc signs which you are seeing in Kik Messenger:

  • The symbol “ in kik messenger means that the application is trying to connect you with the servers of Kik. You will see this symbol most of the times before S appears in front of the message. If you are only seeing “” and not the S symbol, you need to check the internet connection and make sure that it is working properly. The easiest fix here is enabling the airplane mode for a minute and then disabling it.
  • If you see !” symbol in Kik Messenger it means that there was some problem while Kik was trying to send the message. If you are not having internet connection, then you might see this symbol. You can shut down the app and start it again to resolve this error. Verify if the kik server is working as if it is not working you will see this error.
  • If you have noticed closely, you might have noticed that there are two types of D in Kik. One D is with the black color (D) and other one with grey or the faded color(D). If the color of D is grey it denotes that the recipient has not opened the app and the push notification is sent to the recipient. This also means that the recipient might have read the notification but has not opened the app to read it from the app. We would like to inform that this feature is only working with Windows and iPhone devices. You won’t see this feature on the Android smartphones.

We hope that our guide has helped you in understanding kik symbols meaning. If you are having any doubts you can use the comments section to clear them.

Kik Symbols Meaning For S, D, R, “…”, “!” and All Other Signs
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