How you can get rid of bluestacks sync error? There are many different kinds of error which are faced by the people who are using Bluestacks app player. One of the most common issue which is faced by users is Bluestacks app sync not working error.

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If you haven’t received this syn not working error as of now, you might get it in future as it is one of the most common error received by its users.

Bluestacks Syncronization Failure

Don’t worry if you are getting sync not working error as it comes with a simple fix. A lot of people have also complained that they aren’t able to log in Bluestacks and the apps which they are using are not getting synced.

All these issues can be resolved easily. You can follow the guide shared below which will help you in fixing Bluestacks app sync not working error.

How to fix Bluestacks app sync not working error

bluestacks app sync fix

If you are already installed this emulator (but not properly working & sync) and have reached the part where you have to add the Google account to syncronize, you can follow this guide.

Bluestacks Sync Not Working Issue Solution:

Step #1: The first thing which you need to do is configure the synchronization feature. To configure the synchronization feature on Bluestacks app player, open the user interface of it.

Once the window is opened you will find many icons. Some of the icons which you will find there are 1-click sync, My apps, top popular apps, search bar. On the right bottom of the page you will see a navigation bar. In the navigation bar go to Settings which will open the settings of Bluestacks app player.

Step #2: Once you have opened the Settings of this app player, you can configure the account details of this app player. You will find many options there. The fifth option on the page is Manage account.

Step #3: In this app folder, you will find all the accounts which you have synced till date and the applications which are being synced using them. You have to add a new account here. To add a new one, click on Add account This option will be present at the bottom of your screen.

Step #4: You will see a list in front of you in app which will show you all the accounts which you can sync or which are already synced with your Bluestacks app player. The list will depend on the applications which you have downloaded.

Step #5: Now click on Google icon and you will see some description there. The description will tell you that you can add one or more than one in the app player. Go to the next step by click on Next button.

Step #6: On the next screen you will come across two questions. You will be asked if you want to add an account or you want to create a new account. If you are already using a Google account, you can select ADD and add the details of it which you are having. If you are not having one, you can click on CREATE which will open the wizard for creation of a new one.

Step #7: Once you have entered the details of your Google account click on Sign in Now click on Continue option and after that you will see 1-click sync option. Click on it too and you will again come across a login page.

Step #8: Once again enter the details of it and select your device. Once you have selected your device it will get synced and once synced click on Finish button.

This was the one time setup which is finally done in Bluestacks app player. Click on Finish button which will complete the entire process. This should easily solve the error you are having on your PC.
bluestacks app sync not working error
If you are not able to resolve the issue try repeating the process again and make sure you haven’t skipped any step.

Troubleshooting Error: Bluestacks App Sync Not Working

This is how you can fix Bluestacks app sync not working error. This is one of the safest and easiest guides which you will find on internet.

Are you not getting rid of bluestacks issues? Want to kick it out? Here are alternatives of bluestacks to try.

If you are having any problems in resolving this bluestacks sync error, you can use the comments section to clear them.

We’re happy to clear your queries and help you getting apps and playing games on your pc.

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