10 Fastest DNS Servers In The World – 2016

You might have heard of DNS servers before. The fastest DNS servers provide the fastest internet experiences. These are crucial for internet browsing. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and every Internet Service Provider (ISP) comes with its own default DNS servers. However, sometimes you might face speed issues with them, or you might not be able to access certain sites which have been disallowed in your geographical location.

As such, DNS servers prove helpful and it’s a great idea to get an alternative DNS server. There are a lot of public DNS servers available as well, with the added bonus that these are free to use.

10 Fastest DNS Servers

So here’s an introductory list of the 10 best DNS servers which provide the fastest service currently available in the market.

#1.  Google Public DNS Server

Fastest DNS Servers

This is one of the fastest DNS servers in the market from Google, which not only ensures a better browsing experience but also a higher grade security. They’re well protected by the latest technologies such as IPc6 and DNSSEC. Google Public DNS Server is an ideal fit for you if you can’t access all information with your current ISPs. Also,its high speed and reliability make this is one of the best DNS servers for gaming.

To access this you might need to change your IP to and

#2.  Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS -best dns servers for gaming

This is a really fast and reliable DNS server because it makes use of the nearest servers in your vicinity to provide you the best browsing speed possible. Another great aspect of this server is that it has a list of blocked and harmful sites and pages, and it will make sure that you can’t access them. This is an ideal DNS server for gaming due to high speed and reliability.

You can access them by changing your IP to and

#3.  OpenDNS

OpenDNS- best dns servers

This is a great server which doesn’t just replace your current server but offers you enhanced control as well. It comes in two versions, the Personal and Business, both with their own unique sets of great features. The home version comes with some great parental controls that you can set up, phishing protection and has great speed.

The basic protections feature comes for free, which is great in itself, but you can also get the premium safety option with an advanced plan. Its IP addresses are and

#4.  DNS.Watch

DNS.Watch - best dns servers

This is a third party server and the great thing about it is that you can get fast and completely uncensored browsing entirely for free. They also believe in DNS neutrality and so they won’t influence your content, or what you can or can’t access.

This is great for those who are in a country without net neutrality and ready censorship of material. You can get them with the IP and

#5.  Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe - best dns servers

Norton is a tried and true name in the security business, and they are famous for their virus protection services. As such, they approach DNS as well with a view to optimizing safety and privacy. Norton offers 3 different kinds of Safety protections — the first against malware, phishing, and scams, the second is for your security from pornography, and the third is to protect you from pornographic and other content.

This comes with separate IP addresses for each option.

#6.  Level 3 DNS

Level3 DNS - best dns servers

Another 3rd party DNS service this is meant for reliability and performance. They believe in providing great network-based service with state-of-the-art technologies. Not as big a name as Google, however, they do give ideal reliability.

It’s IP is,,,, and

#7.  OpenNIC DNS

OpenNIC DNS - best dns servers

This is another great addition to the list, which believes in Net Neutrality and prevents censorship by governments. It is also free. It also marries some of the best features available through the other DNS servers, for example, other than free availability and net neutrality, it also offers optimal speed by tapping into your closest servers to provide the best service possible.

If you visit their website you can feed in your information and you’ll get a detailed outline of which is the best DNS server for your location and needs.

#8.  Dyn

Dyn-fastest dns servers 2016

This is another free server, which focuses on security. All your information is completely safe with them. This is one of the best DNS servers which is free.

Its IP addresses are, and

#9.  SafeDNS

SafeDNS - fastest dns servers

This one seeks to enhance your browsing experience as much as possible by being a great cloud based service. It also offers you a reliable network in which your information can be kept safe.

You need to edit your IP address to or in order to access SafeDNS.

#10. DNS Advantage

DNS Advantage -fastest dns servers

This is one of the fastest DNS servers in the market with the provision of the best routing information for the websites that you are browsing through. This helps you access all the websites really fast, and it also protects your computer from harmful websites and virus attacks.

It’s DNS server addresses are and

Now that you know what the fastest DNS servers are, you can use them to enjoy the super fast and hassle-free internet.

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