Top 5 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing services and technology has rapidly taken over in the last couple of years.  It’s an easy and secure means of storing all your information such that it can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world without the excess baggage of having to care for a hard drive which may just crash or get lost or whatever. Dropbox has been the most important and popular of all the Cloud-Computing services out there with a 300 million user base. There are also dropbox alternatives discussed below.

Since Dropbox has recently been engaged in a slew of controversies regarding the safety and security of information stored in Dropbox. As such various other alternatives have taken advantage, gaining a niche user base and following in the wake of these security concerns. Here’re some of the best cloud storage that are alternative to dropbox.

Top 5 Dropbox Alternatives

Take a look  below on top 5 alternatives to dropbox for cloud storage.

#1.  Box


Box was founded in 2005, and since then it has grown its user base to over 41 million. This offers features for both personal and business uses. In the case of the former, you can access all the basic means of sharing and storing files which can be accessed by any devices. As the latter, you have a slew of other options available to you such as creating, editing and reviewing documents with others, all in real-time, along with business-related functions like data governance and retention.

One of the reasons it’s a top alternative to Dropbox, however, is because of its fortified security system. It makes use of centralized security controls and customer-managed encryption as well to ensure that you can manage and exchange data both and in and out of your company while suffering no risk of data loss.

#2.  Google Drive


Google Drive is another one of the best Dropbox alternatives because of it’s availability and approach-ability by the masses, and its ability to store and share data that can range from documents to videos, recordings, audios, etc, whatever.

All of these files, no matter the extension, will be transferred in a secure manner. It is extremely easy to share it with others and decide who gets to review or edit it. You can even view a history of changes and edits for unto 30 days and work offline. It’s also accessible through all devices.

#3.  Huddlehuddle_logo


Huddle is a relative newbie in the game, having come along in 2006. With a user base of about 1.5 million Workspaces, it’s mostly ideal for governments and enterprises. This is because they are absolutely at the forefront of security, putting more emphasis on that than most others.

which is why even Government departments like Department of Energy & Climate Change and Information Standards Board trust them with all their most valuable data. It attracts industries like Accounting, Energy, and the US and UK governments, and it offers a great project management system.

#4.  OneDrive

onedrive- Dropbox alternatives


OneDrive is a Microsoft product most would be aware of by now because of its preinstalled in all systems with a Windows 10 or higher. This can be used on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS and offers the ability to view and edit files in real-time with anyone located anywhere. While it has options both for personal and business use, it’s ideal for the former because of its user-friendly nature. It also has a great system for compartmentalizing and organizing data.

Uploaded photos get tagged automatically based on all your other visual data and make it all the easier to search and identify everything. While the first 5GB storage is absolutely free, you have to pay $1.99 a month for 50GB. If you have more extensive needs than that you can apply for the Office 365 suite in which you can get 1TB of storage along with full Microsoft Functionality for just $6.99 a month. This is one of the best dropbox alternatives.

#5.  SpiderOakDropbox alternatives

Amidst growing fears about data loss and data hacking and insecure networks, SpiderOak still manages to be so secure so as to be considered a tad excessive. Some of the things that make it so great are that even with all it’s complicated encryption aimed at privacy and security, it remains user-friendly, and firmly believes that all your data should be entirely under your control.

It prides itself on the “Zero-Knowledge” system which means that it can never know or access any of the data it handles. Because the data only leaves your system after encryption is complete so your data isn’t ever directly stored on their servers. Thus giving you complete control and privacy over them. On top of that, it offers a great Backup solution so that you can even go back and check the history of a file anytime and restore it effectively.

Of course, these just constitute an introductory glimpse to Dropbox alternatives, to give you an idea about which Storage systems you might like to go with. There’s a lot more to them that can be revealed through some thorough research.

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