Tips For Setting Cool Bios For Instagram

In this age of Social Media, Instagram has definitely become a social elite that can help launch your business, or your brand, or simply help launch you to stardom! No longer is it just a tool to gain popularity but that resultant popularity can very easily be monetized for your benefits and hence cool bios for Instagram have become a necessity. In fact, a lot of people around the world have taken Instagramming as their full-time professions .

As much as the previous generations might balk at this recent ‘trend’, millennials know a good marketing tool when they see one. So, is that your goal? Do you want to be an Instagram celebrity? Do you want to launch your own product line or your own business? If so, Instagram is the ideal place to do so, but you must start treating it as your business rather than just a personal journal. You must think carefully about every single photo you upload, every single post, because a single misplaced post may cost you followers, likes and in turn, money. But before you even get there, you need to focus on your bio. cool Instagram bios get noticed very fast and will give a good first impression of your profile. And first impressions on Social Media are often your only shot.

Tips for Setting Cool Bios for Instagram

So here’s a couple of tips to help you set cool bios for your Instagram accounts!


cool bios for instagram

Your Insta Profile

  • This constitutes your email address, username, display name, etc. It is crucial that all of these remain consistent throughout all your Social Media accounts. Whether you use your personal name or a pen name, or a company name, make sure that it is consistent because Branding is everything!
  • You need to come up with a username that is easily and instantly recognizable, says something about you or your services, and is catchy! That does sound like quite a complicated algorithm to follow, but it’s the only one which works.
  • It is also a good idea to make your profile seem a little bit more approachable and friendly. This can be done by adding a phone number or WhatsApp number to your profile. While people generally just chat over the social media itself, there are some people who prefer texting over the phone. And because your number seems a lot more ‘personal’ in nature, it can often lead to stronger engagement with your followers.
  • Finally, you need to come up with a great Zinger of a Bio. You cannot get into the complexities of the service you offer, not here. This is the first impression, and while it is important to clearly state what you stand for, you shouldn’t go any further. Focus more on personality, what you say should matter less than how you say it. Develop a unique voice! Be conversational, and share a few personal details as well so as to personalize your services, and make them more approachable. You should also conduct a thorough research for all the most used keywords in your field and use them as hashtags to rope in a wider base. And then use the one allowed a clickable link to take your followers to your most recent posting in your website or blog, or whatever your main center is. This should also be structured around a Call to Action so people know what you want them to do.

Know your competition

This is important because different fields, different people, and different niches serve different demographics. Even though Instagram can rightfully be considered a nation of its own, it’s made up of so many splinter cells and sub-cultures that you need to have a very clear idea of whom you’re catering to.

If you’re a business, who’s going to buy your products? If you want to make a brand of your own personality, then look at the established InstaCelebrities who do the kind of thing which falls in your area. If you’re an Artist, then follow and explore the pages of other successful Artists. In fact, it might also be a good idea to acquaint yourself with some great Artists or Companies that aren’t doing so well on Instagram. This is because as great as your service or product may be, its reach is completely dependent on how it’s marketed. As such, it would be a good idea to understand why some profiles do well while others don’t, and learn from them. Hence making cool bios for Instagram based on your competition will help you a lot.

These are of course some tips by which you can optimize and set cool bios for Instagram, and ensure that you are picked up by Google. Anyway, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have some other tips to suggest? How did you go about coming up with the cool bios for Instagram pages? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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