Boss Revolution App For Cheap International Calls

This is the global age. The age of international connections and contacts. We all know people living in different parts of the world, and it is fairly easy to get in touch with just about anyone, wherever they may be, through Facebook, and Snapchat and such. You can even hold a video Call with someone halfway across the world with Skype. However, as great as video calling may be, people still prefer regular old voice calling, and the boss revolution app helps here.

Video calls can get a little awkward after a while. You feel pressured to over-emote as it can get a little awkward too. Voice Calls offer you the chance to walk around and multitask while on a call, you could be taking a dump and the person on the other end wouldn’t know, or if you’re talking to your mom then you can just keep the phone aside for a while as she goes on her rant! See, if you did that in a video cal she’d know! Which is why it’s surprising that no one has yet come up with a commonly used popular medium of an overseas phone call. Until now, that is.

BOSS Revolution App offers you all the convenience of direct calling, and it does so at a really low charge. This is the perfect way to really stay in touch with all your friends across the world, and if you’re staying in a different country from your parents no longer do you have to be pressured to hold a visual conference with them every night. This app comes with a really easy and simply designed interface as well which makes it really user-friendly. So here’s some of the really cool features and benefits of using this app.

Features Of Boss Revolution App

boss revolution app

  • Really Cheap Calls Overseas

The great thing, and the most thoughtful thing about this — other than the cheap rates, of course — is the fact that the Developer gives every user $1 worth of free calls to be made to any country they like. This acts as a great demo because you can easily test this out, see whether this works well for you before you commit to it. With this, you can save up to 90% on International calls, as compared to your regular Mobile phone service providers. For example, you can contact India for just 1.8 cents a minute, and Mexico for just 1.5 cents a minute!

  • Convenience in Managing Contacts

This even comes handy with a good Contact Management system wherein you can create a list of your most frequent contacts and ‘favorite’ them so that at any given time they’re just a click away. All your contacts are imported here to a single interface, so it’s easy for you to locate them.

Sound too good to be true? Well, you can judge for yourself by checking out some of these user reviews as well.

Hopefully, this will be enough to convince you to ditch whatever cumbersome means you’ve been using to contact your distant friends and go with BOSS Revolution app.

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