BlueHost Vs GoDaddy : Which Host is Better For Your Blog?

Bluehost Vs Godaddy – Who wins the comparison? If you are planning to host your website on the internet, you need to select a good web hosting provider. There are a lot of web hosting providers which you will find on the internet offering different services. Bluehost and Godaddy are two of the most famous hosting providers where you can host your first ever website.

Bluehost Vs Godaddy – An In Depth Comparison of BlueHost and GoDaddy

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BlueHost Vs GoDaddy
Let’s compare bluehost also known as BH and godaddy also known as GD. Choosing between Bluehost vs godaddy can be a tough task. Both Bluehost and godaddy can be used for hosting your website. However, one should always go for the best. If you are also wondering which is a better service out of these two and are confused in selecting one, you can have a look at the quick comparison of Bluehost vs Godaddy and find out which host is better for your blog.

Please note, we are here comparing STARTER plan of bluehost and ECONOMY plan of godaddy for better understanding and similarity.

#1: Price – Bluehost Vs Godaddy

Everyone wants to get better product at a best price. Bluehost is having different plans. You can opt for 12, 24 and then 36 month plans provided by the company. If you opt for these plans you will get better discounts however the duration is long so if you are going to select bluehost for the first year and if you are not happy you might have to stick with them. On the other hand Godaddy is having flexible payment plans. You can select packages from 3, 12, 24 and 26 months. There are long duration packages also which include 48 or 60 months packages.

Bluehost Price

Godaddy provides hosting packages from as low as $4.99 per month whereas you can select your hosting package from Bluehost for $3.95 per month. Promotions are run both by Bluehost and Godaddy from time to time which will allow you to get the web hosting at a better price.

GoDaddy Price

I have used both hosts and can clearly announce that BLUEHOST is the best for budget as well as reliability.

#2: Bandwidth – Bluehost and Godaddybluehost

If your website is a new one then there is possibility that you need less bandwidth initially however if your website grows you need a web hosting with unlimited bandwidth. The bandwidth provided both by Bluehost and Godaddy is unlimited which means you don’t have to worry about the space remaining on either of the web hosts.

Both hosting provides unmetered bandwidth. It’s TIE here.

#3: Disk Space – Bluehost Vs Godaddy

It is always advised to go for a web hosting which provides good amount of disk space. As you are adding more and more posts on the website, more disk space will be consumed. All the images, files, documents, emails which are uploaded on your website will be added to the disk space of your web hosting. Bluehost always offers 100 GB website space in starter packages. Godaddy also provides 100 GB of storage space in economy plan. For starters 100 GB of storage space is enough.

Here both are winner and again TIE between them.

#4: Addon domains – GoDaddy Vs BlueHost

You might want to add extra websites to the main domain you are using. For this purpose you need to add addon domains to the web hosting account you are using. Bluehost gives users option to add five addon domains which means you can add 5 websites to your bluehost account. Godaddy on the other hand only provides only one website to be hosted on the hosting network. Limiting only one website per hosting account is not ideal, so if you are having plans of adding extra websites in the near future then you need to go for Bluehost.

Here bluehost wins by allowing more Add on  domains.

#5: Free domain Name – Bluehost vs Godaddygodaddy

When you are going to start your first ever website you need to buy a domain name too. Normally a domain name costs around $10, however if you are planning to purchase web hosting from Bluehost or Godaddy, you will get a free domain name for the first year. Mention that you need the domain name when you are registering for hosting and you will get one for free.

It’s tie here as both companies provides 1 free domain.

#6: Automatic Backups in Godaddy and Bluehost

Creating backup of all the contents and databases present in your system is very important. You can always take the backups manually however it is not bad to have automatic backups. A lot of web hosting providers provide automatic backup option where the backups are created automatically. Bluehost provides automatic backups on weekly basis and that too for free. This means that even if you forgot to create backup, bluehost will create one for you and will notify you.

We have reviewed bluehost in depth in this article, read it to be clear about the company.

There is no option for automatic backups in Godaddy, however you can create backups manually by taking help of cPanel.

In this point also Bluehost win.

#7: Customer Support – Who’s Support is Better?

One should always go for a web hosting which provides good customer support. Good customer support will help you during the hour of need when you are facing issues related to your website. Everyone seeks help of customer support when they are in need and if the web hosting provider you are using is not having good customer support you are screwed.

There are different modes via which you can contact customer support of Bluehost which is mail, chat and telephone call. The customer support provided by Bluehost is comparatively better, fast and efficient as compared to what Godaddy provides.

BlueHost is clearly ahead here also.

#8: Account Setup – Bluehost VS GoDaddy

Bluehost and Godaddy will automatically setup your account as soon as you add the server and the domain name you registered. If you are a newbie this feature will help you a lot as a lot of new people don’t know how to create their first website. The account setup service provided both by godaddy and bluehost is for free.

Both company provide free quick account set up. It’s TIE here.

#9: Money Back guarantee – BLUEHOST or GODADDY

If you are not happy with the service provided by the web hosting provider you can ask for your money back. Bluehost has a 30 day money back guarantee policy. Under this if you are not satisfied with the web hosting you will get a complete refund if claimed within the first month of signing up. On the other hand Godaddy provides 45 day money back guarantee on all the products purchased on annual basis. If you have purchased a monthly product, you will get a 48 hour refund policy from Godaddy.

GoDaddy provides long money back guarantee. Gadaddy wins this point.

Overall Verdict of GoDaddy Vs BlueHost Comparison

Quick Result Summary of Above Comparisons in Table Form:

Sr. No.Hosting ParametersWinner {Bluehost or Godaddy}
1Asking Price – Cheap and ReliabilityBlueHost
3Disc SpaceTie
4Add On DomainsBlueHost
5Free Domain NameTie
6Backing Up Website DataBlueHost
7Caring Customer SupportBlueHost
8Account Set UpTie
9Money Back Guarantee DurationGoDaddy

Bluehost is the clear winner of this comparison of Bluehost vs Godaddy. Therefore, we proudly recommend BlueHost to our readers and supporters. It delivers good service and also provides extra features which are not available in the hosting packages of Godaddy.

You may also look for bluehost vs hostgator if you want more reviews of hosting companies like this. Which web hosting are you planning to use to host your blog? Let us know using the comments section below.

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