Best Whatsapp Group Games- New Funny Cool Group Texting Games

Whatsapp Group Games: Whatsapp is one of the best text messaging app which you can use on Android smartphones, tablets and now you can also use whatsapp on your pc officially. Infact, this app is a hub of all the youngsters. You can create groups of your favorite friends and chat with them all day long.

Whatsapp Group Games New Funny Cool

The group chatting is one of the best features which I love about this app. Create a group, add your friends to it and you can chat with all the members of the group at the same time.

To add more fun to group chats you can try Whatsapp group games. These games will make your chats more interesting and the time you are having on Whatsapp will become more funny then before.

If you are new to WhatsApp group texting games, then we would like to tell you that there are a lot of group games which you can play in Whatsapp. We have mentioned some of the best WhatsApp group games below.

Best Whatsapp Group Games

#1. Movie Lines – A Cool Game

The first WhatsApp group game which makes to our list is movie lines. In this game, you have to develop the conversations by using movie lines.

In this way you can challenge your friends to guess the movie in the group chats.

Movie Lines is one of the best WhatsApp group games as it will surely help you in killing a lot of time. The selection of movie totally depends on you.

You can even select the actor or the actress as per your choice. Once you have selected all these things all you have to do is start the conversations by using the famous dialogues of the movie.

#2. Whatsapp Word games – New Group Game for Whatsapp

Form words in this game for whatsapp group. All you have to do is create a word of your choice and then ask other members of the group to create new words.

Create words in the game and have fun, this is the main motive of this game.

First of all you have to select a topic on which you have to start the game. Topics can be similar to sports, movies, celebrities, cars etc.

To make the game more interesting you can also lay down conditions such as the number of alphabets that should be in that word, the last alphabet of that word and others.

The best part of this game as no one would know which word is in the mind of the other person playing the game.

#2. Kiss Marry Kill – Crazy & Funny Game

The next game which you can play on Whatsapp is Kiss Marry Kill. This is one of the craziest games which you will come across for Whatsapp groups. The game is also ideal for couples.

You have to ask the other person to select three names and use them as Kiss Marry and Kill. In the game you have to give one word for the each person you selected.

You need to be careful while you are selecting the names.

If you are not choosing the words smartly then the other player will easily guess the word and will win the game.

Your priority should be to go for a word which can’t be easily guessed by anyone.

#3. Games using Emoticons – Interesting Group Texting Games

The motive of this game is to build conversations using the emoticons. The catch is you can only use emoticons in this game and not text.

The emoticons you are sending in the game should be related to the last emoticon you sent.

To start the game you need to send an emoticon.

Now you have to ask other members of the group to follow it and start sending emoticons from their side to begin a conversation.

You can use the emoticons in one more way. You can create a word using the emoticons and ask your friends to guess it.

Your motive here should be to form a difficult word so that it is not easily guessed by your friends.

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We have shared some of the WhatsApp puzzle games which you can play using emoticons below.

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These are the best WhatsApp group games. Which games are you playing in your Whatsapp group? Share them with us using the comments section below.

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Best Whatsapp Group Games- New Funny Cool Group Texting Games
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