Top 5 Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen

A vlogger will always prefer the best vlogging cameras with flip screen that would best do the job for him along with saving time. These cameras are preferred to be compact so that they could be carried along easily. As a vlogger, it is also important to have a microphone. Some cameras come with microphones whereas others do not. There also addition features such as Wi-Fi, touch screen and face detection which are opted by vloggers when using these cameras. The performance of the cameras under different levels of light is also something that is always in the mind of the vlogger.

A variety of camera makers is featured below in the list of top cameras with flip screen for vlogging. Some devices under the same maker may be featured more than once since a single maker can introduce several devices in the market in a given period of time. The advantages and disadvantages of these cameras are stated in this article. In some cases, the options available in the different cameras are compared. Moreover, some of the similarities between the cameras and different makers are also compared along in this article. Cameras made by world renowned makers of digital devices Canon, Panasonic and Samsung are included in this comparison of the features, similarities and differences between vlogging cameras with flip screen.

Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen

So here goes the best vlogging cameras with flip screen which is best suitable for vlogging.

1.  Canon Powershot G7X Mark II – $700Canon Powershot - best vlogging camera

This is one of the latest digital cameras available in the market which seems like it’s made for vlogging.  Compared to its predecessor G7 X, this Canon camera has more battery life, more speed and a better grip along with better performance in low levels of light.

The fast f/1.8 24-100mm lens of the G7X is what makes it stand out along with many more advantages such as high quality in low light with 1’ CMOS sensor camera, touch screen in which one can adjust the focus point, time-lapse recording and high-quality lens. The camera can work in manual and auto modes. The battery life of the device has improved compared to its predecessor. It also has a responsive, fast and accurate autofocus along with Wi-Fi availability.

The disadvantages of this camera is that does not have microphone inputs and is much higher in price than the G7 X

2.  Canon PowerShot G7 X – $600

canon-g7x - best vlogging cameraThis is one of the best vlogging cameras with flip screen from Canon which is ideal for vlogging. The camera has a good quality lens similar to the Mark II which captures high-quality images. It is compact in size and has accurate autofocus and enables to capture quality images under low levels of light. The device is available in complete manual mode. Touchscreen and Wi-Fi are also plus points in this camera.

However, as most cameras, the Canon PowerShot G7 X does not support microphone input as an inbuilt feature of the device. However, it is not considered as a great disadvantage as many top cameras featured do not have this option.

3.  Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 – $500

Panasonic Lumix - best camera for vlogging

This is one of the cheaper cameras as compared to the above and several other similar types of cameras in the market.

The major advantage it has over the other cameras is the availability of an external microphone port which is not to be seen in many other cameras in among the best. It is a cheaper option camera compared to its counterparts with a 4k recording capacity and a battery that lasts for approximately 380 captures. The camera is available in manual mode with face detection and Wi-Fi as well.

Along with all of the above advantages, there are also disadvantages in using this camera due to the fact that it cannot be used to achieve the blurred background effect ideal for vlogging. The camera does not perform well under low levels of light. It is a bulky camera in size hence it is difficult to carry it along during use.

A point to note here is that it is not very often one sees Panasonic cameras in the market. However, the few cameras are available are good in quality and are very much suited for vlogging.

4.  Samsung NX Mini – $470

samsung-mini - vlogging camera with flip screen

This is one of the best vlogging cameras with flip screen which could be bought for an affordable price. There are a lot of features available in this camera which could be noted as advantages of the device. It is equipped with 1080p video and a superb sensor with up to 25,600 ISO. The camera is compact in size with a weight of 6.9oz and a size of 110 x 62 x 23 mm. As stated under the cameras listed above, the Samsung NX mini also has a touchscreen, Wi-Fi and face detection options. The device takes decent quality images under low levels of light. Another important fact of this camera is that obtains the high-quality video through its lens.

However, as much as one loves to have a camera with all amazing features together there are some drawbacks in every model made. This camera also does not have a microphone input similar to the Canon PowerShot G7 X and Mark II devices and is not able to achieve the blurred background effect preferred by many vloggers.

5.  Samsung NX 500 – $820

best vlogging cameras with flip screen - samsung-nx-500

This camera is one of the best vlogging cameras with flip screen from Samsung cameras which has a lot of features suitable for vloggers. Some of the highlighting features of this camera are its 4k DSLR in a compact body and its high-quality camera with a bigger sensor. It is very light weighted and easy to carry around when in use. The basic features as stated in the above models of cameras such as Wi-Fi and touchscreen are also available in the Samsung NX 500. An important point to note in this camera is its availability of a variety of lenses to select from as per the user’s choice. The camera is built with good autofocus capability and high ISO performance.

The main negative aspect of this Samsung camera is its poor battery life. It can only last up to 370 captures. Hence it is of utmost importance to always have a spare battery in hand. This results in a cumbersome process as it adds up to additional things to keep in hand which cannot be provided enough from the camera available at hand.

Each camera has its own advantages and disadvantages and there is no winner in this case. Different cameras are suitable for different vloggers. The important fact is to identify what is required out of the camera in order to become a successful vlogger and act accordingly. A camera which is selected by one vlogger may not be the ideal choice for another vlogger. Choices may differ according to the vlogging content, ease of the vlogger, budget, availability of the device and availability of service and maintenance from the maker in the vlogger’s destination. All these factors play an important role when a vlogger selects a camera for use. Hence it is up to the vlogger to select the best vlogging cameras with flip screen which suits him best based on his requirements.

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