Best Strategy Games for Android Mobile – Top 20 Free Games

Strategy games are one of the most popular genre of games available for users of Android smartphones as well as tablets. The upshot in a strategy game is decided by the alternatives chosen by the competitor and there are several different strategies in this game which decide whether the player is going to win or lose. With these games being extremely popular among all players, today we are bringing to you a list of best strategy games for Android smart phones and tablets.

Best strategy games for Android – Top 20

  1. Battlestation- First Contactbest strategy games for android

Battlestation- First Contact is a very engulfing strategy game which enables players to take control over a combat station. You can utilize updates, artillery, groups, equipment of war and demolition while guarding your combat station from all potential assaults from the aliens. While the primary version of Battlestation is absolutely free, you will have to buy the rest of the game in order to be able to enjoy it.


  1. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is one of the best strategy games for Android operating system and in this game, players have to bulk up their boats with ammunition and troops in order to be able to conquer the beaches from your enemies. Players are supposed to overcome the mighty black- guard in this operation mode game and free the citizens from their ordeal on the island. You can also build your own troops and promote your base for better combat, protection, attacking and action.


  1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games for android in which you have to protect your village and clan from attacks from other players while also attacking and conquering their clan. It needs a well designed base and defense layouts at each level and designing that is very exiting. It is also a popular social game which has underwent many upgrades and still continues to be one of the best free strategy games on the block.


  1. Plague Inc

Next in the list of strategy games for Android smart phones and tablets is Plague Inc. It is an extremely fun and exciting game which has millions of players and fan base from all over the world.


  1. Plants vs Zombies 2

It is one of the most casual and best strategy games for Android OS which is basically a defence- type game which requires the players to form weaponry plants in order to be able to guard the garden from the hoard of approaching zombies. Players can make use of several different types of plants in order to combat the approaching zombies.


  1. XCOM Enemy Unknownbest strategy games for android

The extraordinary display graphics of this game is what makes it one of the best strategy games for Android. In this game, there is a single player campaign in which you have to fight off the invasion of the aliens using strategy mechanics that resemble a chess board.

  1. Age of Sparta

Age of Sparta is undoubtedly a great strategy and combat game for Android powered smart phones as well as tablets. There is a variety of add-on content which is part of this free game, such as Google Play Games services, offline playing feature and a collection of circumstances gathered from both the World Wars. You will have to issue orders before beginning any new round and then these trials are to be fulfilled by you.


  1. Age of Warring Empire

Age of Warring Empire is yet another best  strategy games for Android which is all about Empires, Heroes, Magic, Power as well as Might. In this game, you are supposed to be constructing your very own territory while also enhancing your troops, employing new mighty heroes as well as exploring all the technologies from time to time in order to combat all your foes.


  1. Battle Glory

Battle Glory is a strategy game which is very much similar to the Clash of Clans combat and strategy game. There are several different modern troops, edifices, planes, tanks and grenades in this game which are of great use in the gameplay.


  1. Hill of Glory 3D

The gameplay of Hill of Glory 3D strategy game is set up in the times of the World War II and this puts all the players in charge of the strategically placed bunkers which are created for the purpose of combating as well as defending the constant waves of approaching enemies. There are high- end  radars, weapons, rifles, flamethrowers and air strikes which make Hill of Glory 3D a must try game for all Android users.


  1. Star Wars: Commander

The Star Wars cosmos along with the Disney’s Star Wars: Commander is a great strategy game in which players can play either as the realm or as the revolt. In this game, players have to construct as well as strengthen their base along with coaching troops, getting prepared for attacking the enemies and encouraging them to protect their territory come what may. You can also form associations with players from all around the world and this makes this game more fun and enticing.


  1. Stormfall: Raise of Blaur

Stormfall is a strategy game for Android available for free of cost and it comes with a MMO strategy experience which is filled with different features. The game is set in a land of magic and it allows you to employ an army of dragons, barbarians, paladins for the purpose of conquering territories and winning over the enemies.


  1. X- War: Clash of Zombies

X- War: Clash of Zombies is a lot similar to the Clash of Clans strategy game and there are several kinds of zombies, robots, superman as well as lasers in this game which make it more promising and exciting to play.


  1. Siegefall

Siegefall is an absolutely free strategy game which needs the players to besiege their enemies while also expanding their territories as well as kingdoms.

  1. Castle Clashbest strategy games for android

Castle Clash is a great and again one of the best strategy games for Android which requires all players to take charge of their empire while also building and strengthening their base from time to time.


  1. Throne Rush

Throne Rush game makes way for building thrones and expanding your territory along with several hidden adventures awaiting all players.


  1. Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 is a strategy game available for free of cost and is a great game for showing off the fighting skills of our hero. You can make your own rules and play your own way in this game which is all about mercenary mania.


  1. World at Arms

It is not only a great strategy game; rather it is also a battle simulation game which comes with great animation and graphics. In this game, players are supposed to collect resources, achieve tasks and perform the best in order to earn bonus points and prizes.


  1. Empire: Rome Rising

Empire: Rome Rising is a great strategy game which revolves around raising your very own army for defeating your foes. Remember to work like a real team and no one will be able to stop you from winning over your enemies and their possessions.


  1. Greed for Glory: War Strategygreed for glory war straregy

Greed for Glory is a free strategy game and all you need to do in this game is to become the part of a kingdom by teaming up with your friends and take part in the battle. Earn highest points in order to prove the strength and glory of your territory.


  1. Drag Racing

Drag racing is a great strategy game for lovers of car racing games and it is full of exciting gameplay. There are several adventures awaiting all players which will keep them engulfed for a pretty long time.


These are some of the best strategy games for Android which players can enjoy on their smart phones and tablets.

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