5 Best Quadcopter Under 200 Dollars For Kids

Drones are undeniably taking over the world. In a short period of time, they’ve become one of the most popular technological trends in recent years that can actually be used by regular people, even if they are a bit expensive. These are extremely fun to fly and use for a multitude of purposes. But how can one find the best quadcopters under 200 Dollars? Well, if you’re looking for Drones for kids and don’t intend to drain your bank account, then the following are some of the best quadcopter under 200 for kids  that you could buy.

5 Best Quadcopter Under 200 For Kids

Top 5 best quadcopter for kids that comes well within your budget.

#1.  Syma X5CBest Quadcopters under 200

This is undoubtedly one of the best quadcopter for kids in the market. On Amazon it was given a full 5 star rating by over 60% of the users. It can charge entirely in just 100 minutes and last for 8 minutes in flight. With the dimensions of 31x31x8 cms, this is just the right size for kids, and has a range of 50m, which is again perfect for kids as it isn’t restrictive but at the same time can’t get lost either. And the best of all, it costs just $48.80.

#2.  Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor RTF HeliBest Quadcopters under 200

The great thing about this quadcopter is that there is absolutely no need to worry about assembling it as it comes ready to fly. The drone has four rotors, and it makes use of an auto-leveling 6-axis flight system which makes it very easy to control. Also, it has one of the coolest designs in the market. While not as cheap as the Syma it’s still a steal at just $99.95.

#3.  Holy Stone Mini RC DroneHoly Stone Mini RC Drone

This is another ready-to-fly model with a 6-axis gyro ensuring stability and ease of control. This is great for kids as it comes with a protective shield, a mini-guard around the actual drone which makes it look cooler and also helps it not break too fast. It can also do complete 360 degree flips. This also helps you witness quite the light show as it comes with 6 radiant LEDs which glow to let you know which direction you’re traveling. And guess what?! This one is available for even less than $40!

#4.  Syma X9 Fly CarBest Quadcopter for kids

This is great because it’s like a dual purpose drone, which offers more opportunities for play. It’s a car which comes with propellers to take it airborne. It has a really futuristic design and can perform 360 degree rolls at the press of a button which is again sure to delight kids. It can also run on the ground, and offers awesome controls. It comes in at just $42.66.

#5.  QCopter QC1 with HD Camera, LED LightsBest Quadcopter under 200

The greatest thing about this drone, the one which sets it apart, is its resplendent light show. It is full of beautiful blue-green LEDs that make it just a beauty to witness at night. It definitely gets the most distinct personality as a result of it. It also has an impressive flight time of 15 minutes, plus an additional battery to help you go on for 15 more! It has an internal photo and video camera of 2MP to give your kids something more to play around with. It’s priced at $69.95.

With all the best quadcopter under 200 dollers for kids, you can be sure of getting the perfect gift for any child!

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