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Run iPhone games and apps on computer using iPhone emulator for PC like ipadian, mobione studio and air iphone emulator. If you are into playing Android games on your PC, you might already know about the famous emulators for android.

Just like Android emulators are available for Android smartphones and tablets, one can also enjoy iPhone emulator which will help them in running all iPhone games and applications on PC. It works same as Android emulators like Bluestacks.

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If you are not aware about emulator, we would like to tell you that emulators are software’s which help in successful running of all iPhone apps and games on PC.

You can enjoy iPhone apps like Line, Whatsapp, kik online and games like Angry birds, candy crush saga on your PC for free.

There are many iPhone emulators available on the internet and we are going to share the three best emulators with you in this post.

3 Best iPhone emulator for PC

Let’s have a look at the three iPhone emulators you can use on your computer:

#1. iPadian iPhone Emulator

iphone emulator for pc

The first emulator which makes to our list of best iPhone emulator for PC is iPadian. With the help of this emulator you will be able to run any iOS game or app on your PC.

This is one of the best softwares which you can get for running iOS games. iPadian is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems. The entire screen of your PC will get covered with the amazing gestures and beautiful background.

To access the games and applications which you are going to play using iPadian, you can simply access by clicking on the screen.

There is only one negative point of this emulator and that is its installation takes a lot of time. You can not only install your favorite apps from iTunes app store, but can also check the inbuilt app store which comes with some pre-installed games.

To play the games which are already installed on your PC, you simply have to double click on the games present. To download iPadian, you simply have to click on the link below.

#2. MobiOne Studio

download iPhone emulator for pc

Making second to our list is the MObiOne studio. MobiOne Studio is not only game or app emulator, but also helps in development of applications and game.

Using this emulator, we can develop the apps you want to just like the way android apps are developed in Android SDK. MobiOne Studio comes with a 15 day trial period after which you have to buy the premium version of the software.

Using this software, developers can easily run and test their applications without the prime need of an iPhone.

Even if you are not a programmer, no need to worry about app development as the software is also suitable for people who are not having much knowledge of tech.

If you are not much familiar with coding or tech, you can easily build your own app. MobiOne studio is suitable both for developers and for the people who want to run iPhone games on PC.

MobiOne Studio can be downloaded from the link shared below.

#3. Air iPhone Emulator

The third and the last iPhone emulator for PC which makes to our list is the Air iPhone Emulator. Air iPhone emulator is the complete package as using this software you will not only be able to play your favorite games but also make and receive calls.

The software will also allow you to send voice messages, add the details of your favorite contacts. All the free iPhone apps and games which are available in Apple iTunes App store can be run without any difficulties using Air iPhone emulator.

If you are into development you can take full benefit of this software. All the iPhones, iPads and even iPods are present in this software.

You can check how the app is working on different devices. You will also get notified about the improvements which can be done.

Air iPhone emulator can be downloaded from the link shared below.

These are the best iPhone emulator for PC. Which emulator are you using for running your favorite apps and games?

Please use the comments section below and tell us the name of your favorite emulator and why you love using it. Cheers..! 🙂

Best iPhone Emulator for PC Download Free
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