Best Iphone Emulator For PC, Android and Mac – 2016

Emulators have long been in the market, way back since Gameboy days and maybe even before that. There’s a need for emulators Cross-Platform running of games or applications. Not all applications and games are designed for all the different Operating Systems out there, especially since there is such an abundance of systems right now, we cannot possibly have a console geared towards each and every one of them. Emulators come in handy in that case and there are best iphone emulator for pc, mac and android.

At one point emulators were designed mostly for video game lovers who wanted to have the experience of playing their Pokemon or Mario games on their Computer Screens. However, the use of emulators has extended to a variety of fields, for example, people use iPhone emulators not just to run games meant for iPhones in different systems, but they are also used by developers and web site designers to test out how a particular website or application would look in an iPhone. These are some of the best iPhone emulator for PC, Android phones or Mac that you can use to access iPhone applications and games.


best iphone emulator for pc

These are of course the more popular and in demand emulators because they let you run iOS games in your regular computer, windows or otherwise.

  • iPadian

This is quite the useful iphone emulator for pc because it allows you to run an iOS application in all mediums, Windows, Linux or even Mac. You can download from here.

  • MobiOneStudio

While this might be bogged down with a somewhat heavy interface that takes some getting used to, it is a great iOS emulator that developers use to test their applications across platforms. It is also not a freeware, perhaps further evidence of the fact that it’s more suited on a professional setting. However, a 15 day trial period is made available to you.

  • AiriPhoneEmulator

This is a great emulator heavy on features. Not only can you smoothly run iOS games in this, you can also give and receive calls and create contacts. You can run pretty much any application that is made available in the play store. However, it comes with its downside, that Safari and a lot of other applications aren’t available here. Download here.



Like most things concerning Mac, this too is quite a conserved field, with great emulators hard to come by. However, there are a few that do the job.


This offers a very simple and rudimentary way of using an emulator. All you’ve got to do is load up the iOS application onto it and then you can easily use it on any device. However, it’s not free, even though a 7 day trial is available to you.


This one is a lot like, however the great thing about this is that you can send out the application to the cloud and use it anywhere, though this particular version is quite slow.

  • Xamarin TestFlight

This is one of the more official emulators for Mac as it’s tied up with Apple and gives you a platform to test out your iOS application. Read more.



  • iOS Emulator for Android

    best iphone emulator for android

There aren’t many options in this field, seeing as how both Android and iOS are teeth to teeth competitors. However, iOS Emulator for Android is pretty much the only trustworthy emulator out there that lets you use iOS apps on Android. With this app you can access the apps on Android tablets and mobiles. All it takes is 61MB of space, and your Android mobile or Tablet should have a RAM of over 512 MB, and with that your set to experience cool iOS apps without having to splurge on buying the iPhone itself!

With these best iphone emulator for pc, mac or android you will be able to access and enjoy most of the iPhone games and applications.

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