10 Best GoPro Pole (2016) – Selfie Sticks

GoPro cameras have been gaining more and more momentum and popularity in mainstream areas as well for their ability to take crisp, quick and beautiful shots, making them perfect, yes, in general, but specifically for those engaged in adventure sports. So if you’re planning on jumping off a helicopter, or deep sea diving, or skiing, and you want to be able to capture yourself independently — after all, this is the DIY generation isn’t it? — then the best GoPro pole is your go-to choice.

As such the GoPro selfies have been gaining traction, beautifully able to capture your adventure activities for perfect Insta hashtags. However, the wide lens of the camera, amongst other features, makes it hard to capture an accurate selfie with just your arms, and that’s where your extended arms come into play. The selfie sticks are great for, well, for taking selfies, which have become the cultural norms. However, GoPro is no ordinary phone camera and no ordinary Selfie Stick would do for it. GoPro needs uniquely designed best GoPro Pole itself.

Top 10 Best GoPro Pole (2016) – Selfie Sticks

As such here’s a list of the ten best Pole for GoPro to consider.

#1.  GoPole Evo Floating Extension Polegopole-evo-floating-gopro-pole

This works with any and every GoPro Camera. The unique thing about this model is that it can be modified so that it’s body can be extended to either 14 or 24 inches depending on the height from which you wanna take the selfie. There’s an option to operate it through WiFi Remote for when you want to control your GoPro remotely, and it can withstand water easily because of its elegant and tight design.

#2.  GoPro enKo Products Monopodenko-products-monopod-best gopro pole

The most attractive thing about this model is most definitely not it’s look or design or features, but it does come really, and I mean really cheap. This is perfect for those who are new in the selfie game — so I assume new born toddlers? — and so don’t really know well what their requirements are. This is the training wheel selfie stick. However, it can be adjusted to a length of 9.5 to 44 inches, and can even work with other cameras.

#3.  Sandmarc Pole Metal Edition Extension Polebest gopro pole

Made with a sleek Aluminum design, this is adjustable between 17 to 40 inches, has great telescopic abilities and is even water resistant and light-weight despite the aluminum touch! This is an ideal buy for those who are into diving, skiing, snowboarding, and all the other extreme and adventure games.

#4.  GoPro 3-Way Grip/ Arm/ Tripodgopro-3-way-grip-gopro pole

Ranging from 7.5 to 20 inches, this model is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a three in one solution for all your camera needs, so it would be ideal for those who take a large variety of shots calling for different types of devices while maintaining portability. The availability of additional alternatives doesn’t make it bulky as the tripod extension is neatly stored within the hollows of the stick itself. It’s also waterproof. With these features this is one of the best GoPro pole.

#5.  GoPole Reach Extension Polegopole-reach-extension-pole

This works well with all GoPro products, has an adjustable length between 14 to 40 inches, and has a four stage process for telescopic functions which gives it more utility. The lightweight (80oz) and compact size (when retracted) makes it a very convenient and handy tool.

#6.  GoScope GoPro HERO Telescoping Polegoscope-gopro-hero-telescoping-poleThis is ideal for those who keep finding themselves in harsh and rough conditions that they need selfies in.  This is extremely rugged and sturdy, able to withstand both water and snow, has a wrist strap to help you hold on to it, and has a unique feature which lets you attach two cameras to it together. This ranges from a size of 21 to 34.5 inches.

#7.  Quik Pod SPORT GoPro Selfie Stick

quikpod_sport-best gopro pole

As the name suggests this is an ideal option for when you’re embarking on sporting activities like hiking or mountaineering. It has a light weight of 7.30oz and a length of 39 inches when extended. It can be carried conveniently and safely to any locations, especially considering its resistant to water and saltwater.

#8.  GoRad Gear Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole for GoPro Herogorad-gear-waterproof-telescoping-extension-pole-for-gopro-hero

This is one of the longest selfie sticks available at the lightest weight, capable of the most rugged use. It can be extended from 17 to 40 inches, and is made of rust-free aluminum. It comes with a handle with a nice grip and a wrist strap so that you can even hold onto it when wet.

#9.  PolarPro PowerPole GoPro Extensionpolarpro-powerpole-gopro-pole

With a range of 17 to 30 inches this isn’t the most extendable stick out three, however, it has one feature that might make it worthwhile. It comes with an inbuilt battery of 5200mAh which is held within the grip, you can easily connect your GoPro to it for the extra juice when you run out. Needless to say, this is meant for heavy duty users.

#10.  The Alaska Life GoPro Selfie Stickthe-alaska-life-gopro-selfie-stick

This is good for multiple uses, is rugged, has an extendable length of 36 inches, and can be used with all devices, be it GoPro, Smartphone, Digital Camera, etc. This is a great option for those who want quality and durability in rough conditions.

Hope you have got a fairly good idea about the best GoPro pole available in the market. Now, choose one for your GoPro.

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