5 Best FPV Goggles 2016 – Surreal Flying Experience

Flying Drones have been taking over the technological market of late. You’ve got to be living under a rock if you didn’t realize that. In fact, a new sport has come as a result of it, Drone Racing, it’s even going to be soon adopted by ESPN as an official sport with live commentary and everything! With the latest technologies of Drones, you can control them easily, with little expertise necessary. And these are best used in conjunction with FPV (First Person View) Goggles, which give you the ability to experience very life-like flying, driving or sailing experiences in a safe and relatively cost effective means. Here we are helping you with few best fpv goggles that can help you get the Surreal Flying Experience.

While FPV systems have been hard to assemble, needing a fair a degree of technical expertise to handle, recent trends suggest that it is ready to come to the masses in a pre-packaged, convenient manner. Whether you’re looking for ‘camera’ drones to get a vantage on your neighborhood without having to step out, or you’re looking for Racing Drones, these best FPV Goggles are bound to enhance your experience.

5 Best FPV Goggles 2016 – Surreal Flying Experience

Let us take a look at the best fpv goggles available in the market.

Fatshark Dominator V3


This is the top and most frequently used brand for FPV Goggles, the one used by 95% of Drone Racing competitors. The Fatshark Dominator V3 is for those who aren’t experts and have certain budget restraints. However, they do have HDMI connectivity, 720p video support, and modular bays that can work with bands ranging 1.3 to 5 GHz. If that’s not enough, you may also use the Trinity Head Tracker. This can even be easily upgraded after a while. You may add expandable functionality eventually if you feel you can handle it. It can be bought at a neat price of $395.

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2


Right off the bat, let’s admit it. These aren’t pretty, nor are they easy and convenient to use, and their design is quite clunky and bulky. But for some, the one thing they have makes it all worth it, and that’s the cost of it. These are the most Value-for-Money Goggles available in the market right now. While they won’t look classy or sleek as compared to the Fatsharks, they would easily win out when you compare prices. However, these are far more preferable to the lower end Fatsharks, giving a far better FPV experience at a fraction of the price of even the lower end Fatsharks.

Fatshark Dominator HD V2

best fpv goggles

This is one of the best models in the market with a great, massive, FOV display of 50 degrees. With a resolution of SVGA 800×600, this beats out all the other consumer FPV goggles. However, these are ideal for only the most competitive and expert drone racers out there. They even come with built-in DVRs to find lost drones. It is also HDMI input compatible so as to ensure that it can be used in conjunction with future models.

Headplay HD Head Mounted Display 7” 5.8GHz


It works on the idea of placing a high-quality screen really close to someone face, using vessel lens to further enhance the image and offer an immersive experience as oppose to the use of two smaller screens. One of its many advantages is that it makes use of the latest screen technology and a single set of electronics. This also makes it a lot more affordable than Fatsharks. One of the things that make it a higher quality product is it’s 7” 1280x800px Display with a 5.8GHz receiver and an HDMI input. Headplay is preferred by a lot of long distance FPV pilots.

Arris Skyzone SKY-01S FPV


With a number of great racing drones already out and about, Arris is a tried veteran in this field. It also offers one of the best FPV Goggles in the market — the Skyzone SKY-01S which has a high resolution of 854×480 and comes with a 40 channel receiver. A great thing about this is a presence of a contrast and brightness switch which users can easily use. With the use of the diversity video system, which involves two video receivers and two antennae, the individuals can make sure they always receive perfect signals without any external interference. Head tracking is also an option with this. However, unlike the Fatshark with its 50-degree view, this only offers 30 degrees.

These are some of the best fpv Goggles out there from a variety of brands and equipped with a variety of different functionality based on which you can make a decision specifically for you.

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