Best eVite Alternatives – Top 10 – 2017

Evite is a free social planning website designed for managing, creating and sending online invitations to prospective guests. The website which was launched in 1998 is mainly supported by advertisements. It has a simple interface and therefore the event organizer creates an online invitation known as an ‘eVite’ by entering the email addresses of prospective guest which Evite then sends to them.

It also has a system for providing event organizers with party ideas as well as gifting, registry and charitable options. The guests are categorized into four as; ‘Not yet replied’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Not Attending’ and ‘Attending’. We can move from the ‘Not yet replied’ category to the three other categories. Evite features a lot of advertisements and the experience is no longer as great. This has led to the emergence of newer versions worldwide which offer improved services and are sleeker. Despite being among the oldest and trusted online invitation services and with over two billion invitations sent so far, Evite is facing competition from recent service providers which have capitalized on its shortcomings.

Best eVite Alternatives

Best eVite Alternatives

The top 10 and best eVite alternatives include,

1. Punchbowl

Punchbowl - Best eVite Alternatives

Punchbowl is a major development compared to eVite in terms of services offered and the features. It enables the host to plan the event from the very beginning all the way to the end. It has a user-friendly interface hence making it easy to gather and use information about the organized event or the party around by asking questions about the party and based on your responses, it gives one suggestion about the invitation.

Punchbowl offers a paper feel like interface to improve interaction between the user and the sent interface. One of its powerful features is the complex invitation option that can be essential in terms of improving the quality of the invite sent and can include different characters and pictures to make the invitation more appealing. It also comes with potluck list or polling option and can allow the invitees to discuss the party while at the same time making it easy for hosts to buy party supplies and decorations, invite friends through Facebook and Twitter and also import email id from your mailboxes in order to make a guest list.

2. Crusher

Crusher is simple and clean. Creating an invitation with crusher can take less than a minute and it comes with a CSS editor which an event organizer can use to customize an invitation to fit their needs. It can serve both web novices and geeks alike and you can add chat, photos, videos and much more. It is much more improved than eVite.

3. Pingg

Pingg puts all the steps of building an invitation on one page. One can choose a template for an occasion like wedding or birthday then choose a template that suits their need and create an event instantly. Pingg is the only website that offers the independent designer community in its services which differentiate it from other online invitation websites. One can invite friends via email or through social network sites.

It offers a variety of services ranging from greeting cards to announcement to the unique services of a designer community ensuring that everyone gets something which matches their unique tastes and preferences. They also provide the latest designs and have options for popular designs being used around so that one can keep updated with them. One outstanding feature of Pingg is that all the settings and steps for creating an invitation are provided on one single page.

4. PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail is a website that offers room for an individual to express their ideas and creativity using affordable and easy customization options such as adding your own message, embellishment, and photo. It allows one to use various themes to create an invitation and has a unique feature that allows the website users to create personalized stationery, gifts, and décor for that special party or event. It also has options for other planning items such as customized party banners and envelopes and can also include a custom address label and personalized stamps.

The invitees can decide on the location and timing of the event and the site also offers a wide variety of party ideas and invitation options that one can choose from, in order to make the whole experience a little bit easier and better. The invitations can be sent for free and there are no ads. Also, it has an option for them to be printed and delivered to the guests for a few dollars.

5. Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool for planning and organizing events being one of the most widely used websites. It has a huge number of followers and most people are likely to be on Facebook making it one of the best platforms to advertise the public or private event and capture the attention of the required audience. It can take a minute to create an event on Facebook and then fill in the details of the party or event, select the friends you want to invite.

Facebook has an option of inviting publicly or privately and the invites are thereafter informed via a notification. Everyone can see who will be attending and the host and the invitees can discuss the event in the event wall. With Facebook, one can promote an event to other websites through a provision of a QR code and also one can sell tickets on the Facebook pages. It provides a good platform for organizing wide events which require maximum attendance and one can easily measure the performance of an event using its installed features. All these features make it one of the best eVite alternatives.

6. Smilebox

Smilebox offers amazing online invitation beyond texting and emailing of individuals by encompassing features such as an ability to create collages and slideshows, ability to add music and animations to the invitation cards, hence giving the recipient a unique feeling.

One of its adorable features is that messages can be sent via email addresses then later on a schedule sent feature to help remember about the event. All this equipped with a variety of styles, formats, and themes to enhance the experience. It also has options of viewing popular events around and the invitation cards that are on demand, as popular event invites are being sent. Invitations can be shared via email and on Facebook.

7. Anyvite

Anyvite is a rich website that allows you to create invitation messages, organize events details like venue and also informs the guest via SMS after sending an email. It also has a feature which enables tagging event details that happened for reference after the event depending on what was posted on other social media websites to act as a scrapbook and can be used for both types of events whether simple or detailed. One can sell tickets and collect the money through Anyvite for an event as well as set the limit on the number of people they invite.

8. Enclude

Enclude lets the host send e-cards to the invitees even though its invitation creation tool. But it provides much fewer planning options than eVite.

9. Renkoo

Renkoo’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it helps one invite friends through SMS, IM, or email making it focus more on immediate communication.

10. Invititude

Invititude is a mobile friendly service in that the invites can be viewed from a mobile phone and invitees can RSVP from a mobile. You can inform the guests about the weather of the venue, share images, videos and notes in the invitation and all this for free. It also provides for online seat booking at an event with an interactive map that can be used to direct invitees to the venue with much ease. It also has background music and calendar feature option many online invitation options to choose from.

11. Paperless Post

Paperless Post offers a variety of templates and one can choose a template and enter the text and customize its designs accordingly. You can personalize the invites to match your needs. The paperless post is available both on the website and the mobile application. One can see the RSVP status of the guests and can easily reschedule or cancel an event. The paid version can allow for up to 15000 guests while the free version only allows up to 500 guests, with an option of tracking the invitees and communicating with the RSVP through public comments or private message option. It is the most popular mobile invitation platform and one can share photos about the event in the photo gallery.


These are some of the online invitation platforms that one can use to create, organize and manage their events. Some of them are the best evite alternatives, offering advertisement free, flexible and convenient services.

The above-mentioned sites are a perfect mix, offering something for everyone. Providing the best eVite alternatives customised to individual preferences. It is, therefore, appropriate to look at the various characteristics of each site and pick the best depending on the desired content and taste of the event host.

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