10 Best Dog Apps For Training and Caring – 2016

A dog, just like a human being, requires utmost care and protection. Your pet dog is your best and most loyal friend, and you want to ensure that your pet gets the best possible care. From the time a puppy is born, the caregiver is obliged to cater for it throughout its stages in life like one would for a baby. You need to take care of their feedings, naps, learning and encouraging activities and all of the enjoyments and challenges of guiding your beloved pet in adjusting to this big world. Thanks, to the technological advancement as there are great new applications to take care of the real life needs of the pets that ensures to provide the attention they deserve. Here we have collected few best dog apps that helps to train your dog and to take care of their needs easily. The following applications will help make the puppy upbringing journey easy and enjoyable.

10 Best Dog Apps For Training and Caring -2016

Here are the list of few best dog apps that provides various services related to pets and hence is a must have for all dog owners.

1. PetMD’s  Dog Service Finder

Best Pet Apps - petmdfinder

This application from petMD encompasses different services needed for a puppy. It features sections that carry services such as veterinarians, emergency clinics, dog parks, daycare centers, dog sitters and pet hotels. This application comes in handy at a time when one has to travel and cannot take the dog along.  It searches for related results using either your present location or a zip code that you type in.  One can get information on how to take care of emergencies such as when a dog is ill.

This is one of the best dog apps that provides solution with a “map” button, which will allow you to figure out which park or vets is closest to you. As soon as you select an entry, the app provides you a phone number to call or a map with your driving direction marked on it (not with written directions). It also has an option for the user reviews of the park, hotel or veterinarians. Which will help the user to choose based on the reviews. This is a free Dog App, It is worth trying it out.

2. TAGG – Whistle App – Find Missing Dog


These apps not only help people to find their missing pets but will also prevent those pets from wandering away in the first place. This is an application with GPS that can be attached on the collar of the pet. The GPS can be tracked using a mobile phone and the owner will receive information on the activity of the dog. This application also helps one to monitor the pet’s health and well-being.

The newer version of TAGG is the Whistle GPS system, where you create your own Whistle zone that states the area where your pet spends most of its time. If your pet moves out of this zone, you’ll be alerted through an email / text message. Then by using the app you can track your pet, any time of the day or in the night. This app is available both on android and iphone.

3. ICam – Watch Dog Activities

Icam - Best Dog Apps

This is an android as well iphone powered application that enables the owner to watch the pet while away from home. The application works by recording the activities of the dog and reflecting it on the owner’s mobile phone. This is considered as one of the inexpensive and easier ways to remotely monitor your pet’s actions while you are out from home.

ICam turns your home computer’s webcam into a scrutinizing camera that can then be viewed on a smartphone. You have to install iCam on your computer and download the iCam app to your iPhone or Android. The cost of this app is $4.99.

4. Daily Planner/Daily Routinely

Best Dog Training Apps

It is important to get your dog used to a daily consistent routine right away. This app helps the owner to create a list of daily routine like walking, potty breaks, feeding, planning play dates and training classes and set up reminders. The owner can create a calendar and track these set out routines to closure.

This application is powered for both android and iPhone. This is in form of My Daily Planner for the iPhone and My Routinely for android devices. These are one of the best dog apps and my personal favorite.

5.  Spending on My Dog –  Expense Tracking

Best Pet Apps to track spending

We know that raising a dog isn’t cheap and it is always better to keep track of your budget so you can make sure that you are covering all the bases. This application helps you keep track of your expenditure against the budget. You may be wondering as what expense to track ? This can be the toy allowance, the foodstuff bill, the clothing for dogs (leashes, collars, booties, etc.), any insurance made, the veterinarian check-up cost, the sitter / walker, the groomer, training etc.

This Spending on My Dog app on Android  shows the expense in a chart format which can as well be converted and exported  to a spreadsheet that helps you to keep track of all of your puppy related spending and view it in chart format or export it onto a spreadsheet.

6. Petsie Dog Breeds – Identifies the Dog Type

petsie - The best pet apps

Enables you identify the type of dog you own, whether it is a pure breed or a mix. This will enable you amass a lot of information needed to care for your type of dog. You can create a profile for your puppy and connect to other people with the same of different breeds. This application is available for android devices.

7. Weather Puppy –  Weather forecast for Dogs

Best Dog Training Apps

Is it not great to find out the day’s weather outside with adorable puppies on it? This application is instrumental in checking out the weather before planning for an outside activity with your puppy. The weather app gives you up-to-date conditions including sunrise & sunset, it also provides forecasts for the next three days. This data is provided by Weather Underground. It also helps to know how your puppy changes based on weather and time.

This app has two themes, an outdoorsy and glamour theme and also a “Add Your Own Doggy” theme which can be customized. This lets you upload pictures of your own dog. It contains photos of different breeds and can help you identify with the other breeds. This is again one of the best dog apps as it  also enables dog related charities and to raise funds using this platform. Weather Puppy is powered for android devices.

8. PET FIRST AID – For Emergencies


While upbringing pets it is mandatory to be aware of the basic first aid. This application comes handy in emergencies as it contains videos and information that helps you with the basic bandaging, restraint etc. It is available on android devices you can download from here.

It has various great features like,  preparing and protecting your pet’s health with advice on controlling the medication, provide’s warning on preventive care, readily available veterinary contact number always, helps locate your nearest emergency vet hospital etc. This is one of the best Dog Apps that is available for emergency situations.

9. The Dog Park Finder Plus


screen568x568 (1)

This is really nice and best dog apps that helps you to identify play parks for your pet as well as finding other pet parents online. It also displays results in both map and list forms. This is for both iPhone and android.

Dogs needs some fun too as they too get lonely and bored like us. Thanks to this Dog park finder app as you’ll be able to find all kinds of fun places to entertain your lovely pet. You should be able to socialize your dog in a super simple way using this app. Dog Park Finder Plus app connects you with information on dog-friendly beaches, rest stops, restaurants, and parks within your area or anywhere outside as well when you are on a road trip. The app also collects information from dog owners so that you’re getting the very best and most current information available.



This app enables you set a specific whistle sound that identifies you to your dog. Dog Whistle apps for the iPhone produce tremendously high pitches to call your dogs. The pitch tones often are so extraordinary that only dogs can hear them. The iPhone does a decent job at generating these awfully high pitches. It contains a slider used for sound frequency. The app is powered for iphone and android.

These are the few best dog apps available in the store. Hope installing them in your mobiles will help you a great deal in taking care of your pets.

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