10 Best DAC Under 500 Dollars Available In The Market

Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) are a popular option among music fans. The quality of the audio from these devices is very high that it is quite unmatchable with any other similar devices. To not use a DAC in your audio system is a sure point to miss the beauty of the music and recorded sounds. The DAC transforms digital records into the analog form which drives the audio amplifier. And such a significant piece of hardware are available, even the best DAC under 500 dollars.

DACs come at different brands, sizes, quality and prices. Choosing the best DAC for you could be a very complicated process given the variety of DACs available in the market today. DACs could range from under $100 to up to a thousand dollars. Prices could vary depending on the quality and features of the DACs. Each DAC has its own advantages and disadvantages. When buying a DAC you should consider all these factors and choose the best one suitable for you according to your needs.

10 of the Best DAC Under 500 Dollars

This article would give you an overall view of the tops 10 best DAC under 500 dollars. It is up to you to read it and identify which DAC to buy in case you need one of your own. So let us know have a look at the top 10 best DAC under 500 dollars.

#10.  Denon DA-300USB DAC/Amp

Best DAC Under 500 - Denon DA-300USB DAC/Amp

This is a DAC with one of the best external DAC & headphone Amp. This DAC transforms your computer’s signals into a much better audio level. This sophisticated dive can decode traditional PCM audio formats as well as direct stream digital (DSD) audio formats into one.

This DAC has two optical and one coaxial audio input. The sound quality is of very high standard and the DAC comes with the ability to support a wide range of headphone models. Its USB port is fully compatible with Mac and Pcs.

#9.  NAD D 1050

NAD D 1050 - best dac under 500

The NAD D 1050 is a desktop USB DAC with high-quality HD audio. It is a wireless device which comes with LED white lights to signal the sample rate of the digital signals supplied to it. This is helpful in analyzing the quality of the signals supplied to the device and useful especially for troubleshooting purposes.

This DAC consists of 24/ 192 USB input, 2 x optical and 2 x coaxial SPDIF inputs. The DAC also has Bluetooth streaming and remote power feeding features.

#8.  OPPO HA-2 Headphone DAC and Amp

OPPO HA-2 Headphone DAC and Amp - best dac under 500

An ultra-high quality DAC, OPPO HA-2 Headphone DAC and Amp comes with a mobile power bank to enjoy your audio for a longer period of time. The DAC is also useful for charging your smartphone or smart devices using its USB port available.

This DAC is ideal to use as a Hi-Fi system especially during traveling as it is extremely travel-friendly. This is an extremely sleek device set which provides data cables suitable for your smart devices as well. The device usually has ample power to keep you up even on the go.

#7.  Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 -best dac under 500

The Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 is a transformative device sponsored by Cambridge audio. It is powered by Wolfson Microelectronics revolutionary 8742 24 bit technology for DAC. This DAC is elegantly made and is available in black and silver colors.

The device samples incoming digital audio into 24 bit/ 384 kHz resulting in a smooth and error free sound output. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices including PCs, MACs, iPod DOC, blue ray players, DVD, TV and set-top boxes. It is perfect for your computers in order to obtain high-quality outputs in the audio version.

#6.  Music Fidelity – V90 – DAC

Music Fidelity – V90 – DAC - best dac

The Music Fidelity – V90 – DAC is an excellent product powered by Antony Michaelson’s Music Fidelity. It is “made in Taiwan and designed in the UK”. It is one the high-end DACs available in today’s market at a very affordable cost considering the features it includes.

The device comprises a champagne-colored aluminum casing. The V90 – DAC has 1 RCA and 2 optical inputs and a USB type-B computer connector with a maximum capacity which could go up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz. This device gives high-quality sounds with smooth and detailed sense.

#5.  Apogee GROOVE

Apogee GROOVE - best dac

The Apogee GROOVE is a suitable device to listen to music on your MAC or PC alike. Apogee is a leading innovative solutions company who have been in the industry for the past 30 years. Hence it is natural to expect the best products from them with this device proving the fact.

This aluminum device is compact in size that it’s a perfect fit on your palm. It has a USB powered gadget with an output at a maximum of 225Mw AT 30 ohms. The GROOVE has a USB 2.0 MAC or PC and up to a maximum of 24 bit/ 192 kHz audio.

#4.  iFi Nano-iDSD PCM/DSD/DXD

iFi Nano-iDSD PCM/DSD/DXD - best dac

The iFi Nano-iDSD PCM/DSD/DXD DAC device is a top notch gadget which is believed to be the smallest and most portable gadget in the world which ways a mere 0.35 pounds (3.5 ounces). It is a battery power DAC/ amp which provides high definition audio outputs.

It is easily compatible with your iOS and Android devices. The DAC has dual power but the amplifier works on battery all the time. The headphones output capacity of the iFi Nano- iDSD is at a very low impedance of 130 mW.

#3.  Audioengine D1

Audioengine D1 - best dac

The Audioengine D1 is a high-performance DAC/ Headphone amplifier gadget exclusively designed for high-end headphone enthusiasts.

This device is capable of streaming at high resolution 24 bit/ 96 HD audio which results in a smooth and uninterrupted output. This DAC is suitable for MACs, PCs, TV, DVD, Blue-ray player, CD player etc.

#2.  HRT Microstreamer

HRT Microstreamer - best dac

The HRT Microstreamer is suitable for all those looking for a DAC cum headphone amplifier. This DAC provides the ultimate solutions in amplifying audio via headphones.

It is also suitable for your desktop, PC, tablet or any iOS device. This device is compact in size fitting your palm. It plays at a resolution of 24 bit/ 96 kHz. The device also has a LED display panel dedicated for several indications.

#1.  Micca OriGen

Micca OriGen - best usb dac

Certainly, the top amongst the best DAC under 500 dollars is the Micca OriGen comes with a solid preamp and high-quality headphone amplifier. The device supports high resolution up to a maximum of 24 bit/ 192 kHz PCM audio and DSD64 audio.

The DAC has an asynchronous USB 2.0 input which enables it to be used with a wide range of platforms including Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/8.1, MAC OSX and Linux systems. The device also includes a LED indication panel. The Micca OriGen is an affordable device providing the best features for the given price.

So that wraps up the list of the 10 best DAC under 500 dollars. For details of exact pricing and additional features you could refer the websites for each of the products. Do you own a USB DAC? If so please share with us what it is and if it is not in the above list of the best DAC under 500 dollars, please provide the details of it and why you think it is a good and suitable USB DAC device for you.

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10 Best DAC Under 500 Dollars Available In The Market
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