10 Best Condenser Microphones In The World – 2016

It goes without saying that when building up a studio the most important piece of equipment out there is the Microphone. Everything else is geared around that, a support to that centerpiece. When it comes to recording vocals, the best Condenser Microphones do a pretty awesome job.

However, searching for the right one in the market can be quite the daunting task as there are just so many of them available in different price ranges. However, each of them serves a unique purpose, has a different USP, and as such before you put any of your money down and get swayed to buy one, you should conduct a thorough research based on your particular needs, budget, etc, and then come to a decision. However, lucky for you that we’ve done all the research and analysis for you, and below you can find the results for the best condenser microphones available.

10 Best Condenser Microphones

These are some of the 10 best condenser microphones in the world right now.

#1.  M-Audio Nova – $100

M-Audio Nova - best condenser microphone for vocals

The Nova comes from a well-reputed brand M-Audio, and one of its strongest USPs is the fact that it has a strong brass body, high cardioid pickup pattern, and the most important for some, a very low price tag.

This is ideal for those who are just starting to record vocals for Youtube or Soundcloud but don’t yet have the cash to invest in more expensive gear. As such, this package also comes with some necessary equipment like a mont, soft case, and an XLR cable. This mic can be available to you for just about $100.

#2.  The Audio-Technica AT2020 – $82

Audio Technica AT2020 -best cheap condenser microphone

This device is most recommended for those with a home studio or those who handle podcasts.  It produces clear sound, however, to eliminate all the unwanted background and mouth noises you’ll need a pop filter.

Some of its features are that it can handle high SPLs easily, and it has a superiors transient response. It’s available for just around $82 which makes it one of the best cheap condenser microphone available. It has a sturdy build so will last you for quite a few years if handled well.

#3.  The AKG Pro Audio C214 – $315

The AKG Pro Audio C214 -best condenser microphone

It has one of the biggest picks up for a condenser microphone and even has some additional features for custom sounds. It can handle incredibly high SPLs and is great for close-up recording sessions.

It also comes encased in complete metal, and as such would last you through several years. It also has an Integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise and vibration from the stage.

#4.  MXL V67G – $85

MXL-V67G - best condenser microphone

This is a really classy and sleek microphone with a gold plated top followed by a turquoise base. It is also really affordable and the condenser capsule is 32 mm so it can effectively capture wide frequencies.

The built-in preamp is also quite strong however it does need an external audio interface. The sound is clear and great for mellow vocals.

#5.  The Rode K2 – $700

The Rode K2 - best condenser microphone

It has a somewhat unique design and delivers the sound which is generally characteristic of old transducers. It can produce a low ambient and soothing sound, with low distortions and a high SPL.

It also has internal shock mounting and has hand-selected and graded 6922 twin-triode valve. As such it can bring some high-end features for a lower range price tag.

#6.  Blue Spark – $200

Blue Spark - best condenser microphone

The greatest USP for this has to be the unique design, it looks very retro, like something straight out of an 80s classic movie. The sound produced is deep as a result of built-in circuitry.

It comes with the feature of Focus Control switch, which allows you to increase low-frequency sensitivity. This proves useful for the lower register instruments or those with a deeper voice. All of this comes for just $200.

#7.  Blue Microphone Blueberry – $1000

Blue Microphone Blueberry - best condenser microphone

This is another Blue microphone which combines a vintage aesthetic with a high-quality sound. One of its USPs is a hand-built diaphragm which helps bring the vocals front and center and negate the pumping and low-frequency sounds.

It also has Class A discrete transformer and comes with 2 shock mounts and can produce a very delicate sound. Packed in a cherrywood box it is indeed one of the best condenser microphone.

#8.  JZ BH-1 – $2000

JZ-BH-1 - best condenser microphone

This mic is most popular for use when there are multiple backing vocals used. This is mostly used for a perfect balance of tone across polar patterns.

It also comes in a sleek all black design. The sound it produces gels very well with acoustic instrumentation and it’s resistant to popping. Other features are shock mounted capsule and stand holder.

#9.  Shure SM-27-SC – $300

Shure SM-27-SC -best condenser microphone

It comes with a 3-position switchable low-frequency filter for noise reduction. Along with some of the other features like the Cardioid pattern, it can produce a sound which is completely isolated.

It is made of all metal in all-black and has three layers of mesh. This can work well with vocals, guitars, bass, drums or most other instruments. As such it is quite all-purpose and a great choice.

#10. Sony C800GPAC – $10,000

best condenser microphones - Sony C800GPAC

This microphone is best used in vocal recordings, film studios or post-production purposes. It can produce a crystal sound with low distortion. The vacuum tube is warm sounding, and it comes with a power supply as well.

It consumes 30 W power and weighs 11 lbs. However, at almost $10,000 this is mostly recommended for professional use.

So these are some of the best condenser microphones out there. We tried to put out something for all purposes and price ranges. So do let us know which one of the best condenser microphones you use and how does it serve you down in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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