The Best Clash of Clans War Strategy

Are you having some difficulty in boosting up your Clan wars win ratio? Do you wish to know the mistakes that you are making or few tricks that you could follow that would let to gain more points. If so, read on for a comprehensive view of common errors people make, and clash of clans war strategy you can use in order to bolster up those numbers!

Few Clash of Clans War Strategy To Adopt

Listed are few clash of clans war strategy that you can follow to gain more points while playing the game.

Clash of Clans War Strategy


You might want to make use of tools like Clash Track to bolster up your strategic planning. This tool offers a vast array of features to help you with your clashing. For example, the Troop Calculator helps you update a registry of training times and costs incurred, and as you can be assured of optimal training. There are other useful features like Tactics Editor and Clan Management.

The former is a great tool that helps you put great attack strategies together or figure out strategies wherein you could put your weaker clan members to good use. The latter, Clan Management, is a useful tool that helps you chat with other Clans or put your own Clan out for display, and perhaps catch the eye of some professional clans even.

Battle Preparation

The first day of the Clan War is dedicated to Preparations. At this stage you need to set up your base such that it has a very strong defense. Keep track of the bases, the participants in the Clan War. It is also vastly important to donate defensive troops to these bases. You will find them aligned from the most to least powerful from top to bottom. Tap the bases on the map and donate troops to them. You need your Clan Mates to have a strong team so they can have your back.

You must also have an organized Feeder clan where the ill prepared and inactive clan mates may be sent. This is in order to ensure that everyone in the Clan War clan is active. Build those players up before you accept them into the Clan. It is also a good idea to have your weaker players launch the first attack on the opponents and save your strong players for later when the opponents’ resources are dwindling. By doing this, you may also enhance your weaker players’ potential by having them face off against the weaker opponents and potentially win. Also, plan your war at the best time , so that you choose a casual clan for war and avoid professional clans. Make sure you choose matching Clan for a fair Clan War battle.

Battle Day

During the Battle Day each player can attack twice, however they cannot attack the same target twice. As such, it is advisable to find targets you can beat, which are most likely to fetch you higher stars.

Watch Replays

If possible watch replays of can mates who have attacked the same targets. In doing so you can gain better awareness of traps and also gauge which attack strategy worked the best.

Spread Out The Attack

For each opponent who is attacked, only the one who got most stars would count. As such, it is a good idea to coordinate with your clan mates and put up a united front, taking on different enemies. By doing so you can ensure that all your clan mates receive stars, instead of just a few. Your goal should be to receive as many stars as possible.

War Base

Finally, this is the most crucial element of your clan war. You can think of it as your village superimposed on a war base. However, unlike your village, you don’t need to defend your resources silos but instead your Town Hall, as it would be common point of attack, since it gives out a large amount of stars.

Protect your Clan Castle

Your Clan Castle is your most effective building so have it in the middle and loaded with the best troops for safeguarding. Make use of either Witches, Wizards or Dragons for this purpose along with a troop of archers.

With these tips and clash of clans war strategy you should be on your way to rapidly increasing those win ratios in no time! Have a great time!

Please let us know through the below comments sections, if these tips helped you to gain more points or if you have any other better strategy that others can follow to attain higher points.

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