Top 5 Best Antivirus For Ipad – 2016

Antivirus software helps protect devices from malware and viruses. Any smart device in this era requires an antivirus software to be installed. Viruses and threats are on the rise exponentially. Hence the need for such software is high. Certain Operating Systems such as Microsoft are believed to be more vulnerable to malware and threats. However, even iOS which are less common to be vulnerable to malware and threat still need to have some of the best antivirus for iPad specifically in order to defend itself against the same efficiently.

This brings us to question as to which would the best antivirus for iPad be. Remember that new threats are introduced almost every second so it very important that the antivirus software is up to date in order to protect against the negative effects of these threats.

5 of the Best Antivirus For iPad in 2016

There are a large number of companies developing antivirus software for smart devices from around the world. Therefore selecting a good package for your iPad could be a tedious task. Read through the compilation below to find out about the 5 best antivirus for iPad in the year 2016.

#1.  Norton – Symantec Corporation

Best Antivirus for iPad - Norton

Norton is a well-renowned name in the world of antivirus software. It is known to be a very effective antivirus for a lot of smart devices including iPhone and IPads. Norton is also a software commonly found in desktop and laptop computers. So it has made a mark in the world computers and smart devices alike. It is based on a very sophisticated security platform.

This antivirus also supports the backup management of you iPhone or IPad which ensures the data of your device is aptly secured. It helps restore contacts saved in your device. It can also be used to share contacts on the phone or Pad across many other devices.

A very important feature that the Norton antivirus software includes is the ability to track the device once lost. It could be located in no time and with less hassle. But all these require the device to have internet activated. If not it will not benefit the device in any way. It has a free antivirus app for the IPad.

#2.  VirusBarrier – Intego

VirusBarrier - best antivirus for ipad

VirusBarrier is another antivirus software in the world proven to be ideal for smart devices. An important feature of this antivirus software is the fact that it has quite a number of features in a single package unlike its competitors in the industry. The antivirus can be easily used to scan any type of files, documents or attachments in your device. These also include attachment coming via email attachments or Dropbox. This antivirus software keeps your device safe from viruses, spam, and malware altogether. It has a feature where you can get files scanned based on demand.

However, a major drawback is that the VirusBarrier antivirus software is not available on the App Store as of now. Hence all VirusBarrier fans would hope that it will be back soon on the App Store in order to get the most benefit and for the safeguard of their IPads.

#3.  Sophos Mobile Control – Sophos

Sophos Mobile Control - best antivirus for ipad

Sophos is another well-known name in the world of antivirus software. It has also made a mark in the smart devices and mobile phones industry with its antivirus for those devices. Sophos Mobile Control antivirus provides a special feature which enables the real-time updates of virus attacks and other types of threats that are of concern in the world of Information Technology. Therefore your device is well updated and very well less prone to be a victim of a virus attack.

The antivirus goes as far as to discern the level and the frequency of the risk that comes along with the viruses, malware or spams, whichever that happens to attack your smart device. In addition to all of the above the antivirus offers solutions to deal with these attacks. All of the above facts makes it the most suitable choice of many IPad users around the world. Hence it has proven track record of being a very successful antivirus for smart devices.

#4.  WaveSecure Antivirus – WaveSecure

WaveSecure - best antivirus for ipad

WaveSecure antivirus is a performance oriented antivirus for smart devices such as iPhone and IPad. It is a very much trusted software among many users and has been so for a long period of time. Due to its high standards, it still remains as one of the best in the year 2016.

This antivirus has an additional option which could safeguard the photos and digital media in your device. Moreover, similar to the Norton antivirus software, this antivirus could also be used as a backup manager to backup the contacts on your device and to restore the same.

One drawback of the WaveScure antivirus is that it does not support iOS 6 and iOS 7. Therefore only people with iOS software version which is below 6 can user this software as the antivirus in their device.

#5.  Lookout Antivirus – Lookout

Lookout - best antivirus for ipad

Lookout is an antivirus that has been available for a long period of time in the industry. It has become the chosen antivirus for many iPhone and IPad users around the world. It is a very simple antivirus which is so easy to understand that a user guide is completely unnecessary in order to get started with the antivirus and use it along. Moreover, the best part is that the antivirus offers base security for ordinary device users, which is totally free.

This antivirus has dual advantage apart from the fact that it protects your smart device from viruses, malware, and spams. First and foremost it helps protect the device from getting stolen. In any case, if the device, unfortunately, gets lost, the antivirus has a feature which enables you to find the device easily by tracking the device on a map.

The Lookout antivirus can also help you with backing up the data on your device by enabling data backup on the cloud. Similarly, it can also be sued to restore any lost data in your device.

These features make it one of the most suitable antiviruses to have on your smart device. Apart from virus protection, it provides you a whole lot of other benefits as bonuses.

These are the most common and best antivirus for iPad and iOS in general for the year 2016. Hence it is up to you to select which one suits you most based on the features you are looking for. The cost factor also plays a major role when selecting a suitable option. You can check the websites of the individual companies for more information on these best antivirus for iPad and iOS along with their prices. When selecting one it is beneficial to have additional features along with the basic functionality of protecting your device. The more the package includes the better. But of course only if it is affordable to you.

Do let us know which amongst the best antivirus for iPad you are using at the moment. Are they any not included in the above list? Do tell us what type of device you have and the Operating System version installed as it would be really helpful due to the fact that some antiviruses do not support certain Operating System. Please feel free to have your say on the above and anything more in the comments section below.

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